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Bio For: Javier Camara
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JAVIER CAMARA has had an extensive, varied career, in cinema, television and theater, and has enjoyed both great popular success and critical acclaim.

His first television success came with the series "Ay, Senor, Senor!", which was followed by even greater success over several seasons with "7 vidas" (Silver Fotograma for Best Television Actor in 1999). It was precisely with several of his companions from that series that he produced and starred in the staging of "Un air de famille" (Agnes Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri) in 2003 for which he won the Silver Fotogramas for Best Theater Actor.

He has combined auteurist cinema ("Lucia y el sexo" (2000), Julio Medem; "Torremolinos 73" (2003), Pablo Berger; "Malas temporadas" (2005), Manuel Martin Cuenca; "Una pistola en cada mano" (2012), Cesc Gay), with more commercial cinema ("Torrente: el brazo tonto de la ley" (1998), Santiago Segura; "Alatriste" (2006), Agustin Diaz Yanes; "Fuera de carta" (2008), Nacho Garcia Velilla; "Que se mueran los feos" (2010), Nacho Garcia Velilla).

Known to the general public for his comic work, "Talk to Her" (2002), by Pedro Almodovar, was a turning point in his career. Playing the lead for the first time in a dramatic role, he received awards and nominations around the world (including nominations as Best Actor for the Goya and the European Film Awards). Almodovar called on him again to play La Paca in "Bad Education" (2004) and designed this role in "I'm So Excited!" specifically for him.

He will soon be seen in "Ayer no termina nunca", by Isabel Coixet, with whom he also worked in "The Secret Life of Words" (2005).

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I'M SO EXCITED! (R) On Video: 1/7/2014 At Theaters: 6/28/2013
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