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Bio For: Cecilia Roth
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CECILIA ROTH fled Argentina because of the military dictatorship and settled in Spain in 1976. She rapidly became part of Madrid's "Movida" and worked with directors such as Ivan Zulueta ("Arrebato" (1980)), and Pedro Almodovar (she was the female lead in "Labyrinth of Passion" (1982) and collaborated in "Pepi, Luci, Bom" (1980), "Dark Habits" (1983) and "What Have I Done to Deserve This?!" (1984)).

After her return to Argentina, where she now lives, Pedro Almodovar worked again with Cecilia Roth in all her splendor as an actress in "All About My Mother" (1999). As well as having enormous international success, Cecilia Roth won countless awards for her portrayal of Manuela in this film, including the Goya, the European Film Award and the Silver Fotogramas.

Another notable director in her filmography is Adolfo Aristarain, who directed her in "Un lugar en el mundo" (1992) (Condor award as Best Actress) and "Martin (Hache)" (1997) (Goya and Condor awards as Best Actress).

Over the years, Cecilia has combined her career in Spain ("Deseo" (2002) by Gerardo Vera, "La hija del canibal" (2003) by Antonio Serrano) and Argentina ("Kamchatka" (2002) by Marcelo Pineyro, "El nido vacio" (2008) by Daniel Burman), where she has also appeared in numeroustelevision series ("Epitafios") and successful theater productions ("Una relacion pornografica", with Dario Grandinetti, coinciding with the launch of this film).

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