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     Contains some scary scenes for very young children!
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     There's a scary barracuda that eats other fish and may be too intense for very small children. This barracuda eats a mother fish and all but one of the babies, Nemo. This is a sad scene similar to the hunter scene in the movie Bambi. There's also a shark that makes several appearances throughout the movie but his scariness quickly diminishes.
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     Lots of mild action and fun activity to easily keep even the littlest moviegoer totally entertained throughout the movie. Adults should also find the pace to be entertaining.
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     A very funny and entertaining movie throughout for both kids and adults. As with past Pixar films, most of the humor is directed squarely at the kids, but a significant portion would only be understood by adults.
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     The tone is generally upbeat and fun, but there is a scary and sad scene where a mommy fish and all but one of her babies are eaten.
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     Absolutely stunning, as is evident from the previews. But you really MUST SEE IT ON THE BIG SCREEN to get the full effect of the incredible computer animation.
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     Very young children will likely be temporally scared by a menacing shark. He appears several times throughout the movie and tends to lose some of his scariness, but the first few times he's seen may bother small children.

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