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     A woman in a Las Vegas casino is shown on stage in a showgirl type outfit. It's not especially sexy or revealing, but she does do a dance that some may feel is a little sexy/suggestive. There are glancing shots of other similarly dressed women.
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     Lots of the typical type of violence you see in cartoons like hitting and having things drop on the characters and them blowing up.
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     Bugs Bunny, in a spoof on James Bond, is shown holding a martini that has been shaken, not stirred. He has a carrot in it instead of an olive. I seriously doubt that kids would know that it's an alcoholic drink.
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     A very fact paced movie with lots of activity, the type you find in most Bugs Bunny cartoons. It also has several live action scenes such as car chases and large objects falling down. My three-year-old granddaughter was even entertained through most of the movie as was some other kids sitting near us.
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     A fair amount of comedy, especially if you still enjoy the humor from the older Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoons. I counted quite a few mild chuckles and smiles and there were a few good chuckles. It's the type of humor both kids and adults can enjoy.
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