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     There are a few very vague remarks that adults will "get" as sexual. As an example, they say "making a baby is the fun part" and then you see them actually putting together a baby robot kit. Later there's a remark about an extra piece left over and they put it on the baby and say "we did want a boy didn't we?" A robot asks another robot "when was the last time you got oiled."
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     About the only violence is a big fight scene at the end. I seriously doubt any parent would feel it's too graphic or scary for even small children.

     There's one scene in a bar where the robots appear to drink what I would assume is alcohol. There's no excessive drinking or drunkenness shown.

     It's quick paced from start to finish with several scenes of action. The action is nothing special, but the quick pace should certainly keep everyone, including the little ones, entertained.
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     It has a good amount of humor, but it wasn't quite as funny as I had thought it would be. That's not a negative remark. I simply assumed the story was more of a comedy, when in fact it's more of an adventure that happens to contain some humor. I counted about a dozen chuckles, about twice that many smiles and a couple big laughs.


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