Opinions:     Example of Questionnaire Used to Collect Opinions
Opinions are collected each weekend through an exit polling of moviegoers. Currently we strive to collect over 100 opinions for each movie. Our goal is to dramatically increase this number, and to collect opinions from several parts of the country. We feel this will further improve the accuracy of our opinion section.

When we do not provide the moviegoer opinions for a movie, it's because the movie did not open in the city where we collect opinions.  Our goal is to collect opinions from several parts of the country. This will allow us to collect opinions for virtually every movie. 

Your Probability Of Enjoying The Movie:
After seeing ten's of thousands of moviegoer opinions over the years, we've learned that it's unfair to give a movie an overall rating of good or bad. Every movie has some moviegoers who enjoy it. For this reason NO review of a movie will be accurate for everyone.  The best we can do is help you learn what others of your gender and approximate age thought of the movie and provide you with some of their positive and negative comments. 

We determine your probability of enjoying the movie by simply comparing the percentage of moviegoers, in your age and gender group, who liked the movie, and how strongly they liked it, against the percentage who disliked the movie and how strongly they disliked it.  If a majority of moviegoers enjoyed the movie, then it's reasonable to assume that most other moviegoers will also enjoy the movie, so it receives a higher "probability" rating.  Keep in mind, these opinions only apply to those that enjoy the TYPE/GENRE of movie the opinions were collected from.

Quality of Opinions:
We trash many opinions that are of questionable quality.  This is especially true of opinions from teens.  You will probably notice that on teen movies, we often are unable to collect our goal of 100 opinions.  Many teens are simply unwilling to take the time to provide their opinion.

Children's Movies/Opinions:
We do not have many opinions from children. We discovered that children always love the movie they just watched, so their opinions aren't very useful. Instead, we try to collect most of our opinions from parents, to see how much they enjoyed the movie. This is a much better indication of how well their children enjoyed the movie.

Example of our Questionnaire:

1. Your gender? __Male  __Female
2. Your age? __1-12  __13-19  __20-29  __30+
3. Your opinion of this movie?
     __Fantastic __Excellent  __Very Good  __Good/Avg.
     __Fair/OK  __Poor  __Terrible
4. What did you like or not like?
     Liked _____________________________________
     Not Liked __________________________________
5. Will you recommend movie to friends?
     __Yes  __Yes (select friends)  __No
6. Were you pretty much dragged to this movie by your 

     __No I wasn't, because this IS the type of movie I like.
     __Yes I was, because this is NOT my type of movie.
7. Was the movie:  __Better  __Worse or __About  what
     you expected?