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At Theaters: 2/5/1999 On Video: 6/29/1999
Rated: R Length: 1 hr. 33 min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 029905
Studio: Touchstone Pictures Inc.
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Storyline Heading

Rushmore Academy 10th grader Max Fischer is no academic ace, but he is nevertheless staunchly devoted to his prestigious school. Max is so enthusiastic he even insists on being the head of practically every extra-curricular activity, from the debate team, to the dodgeball society to the language clubs.

Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Comedy - Rushmore is a very oddball comedy from the makers of the film Bottle Rocket. Fans of that earlier film will certainly enjoy the quirky humor and unique characters; those unfamiliar with the film can probably best compare it to some of the films of Joel and Ethan Coen (Fargo, The Big Lebowski) in terms of tone. Fans of Bill Murray will probably also enjoy his performance, though it is slightly more serious than usual. Very funny, but perhaps too dry and off-beat for viewers who prefer their comedy more raucous or conventional.
Cast and Crew Heading
Jason Schwartzman (Motion Picture Acting Debut)
Bill Murray (Mad Dog and Glory)
Olivia Williams (Emma)
Brian Cox (The Boxer)
Director: Wes Anderson (Bottle Rocket)
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About The Characters
About The Production
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Content Heading
PROFANITY: Strong and moderately frequent
SEX/NUDITY: No nudity or explicit sexuality; some suggestive content
VIOLENCE: A couple of punches thrown
DRUGS/ALCOHOL: A few scenes of alcohol consumption, including by an underage boy
ACTION: War scenes during a stage play
COMEDY: Lots of character-based comedy

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Critic's Review Heading
Very Good
Wes Anderson has the kind of comic sensibility that keeps you watching just so you can see where he goes next. His follow-up to 1996's Bottle Rocket is a truly unique tale of a 15-year-old student at a prestigious boys' school who turns his crush on a teacher into a war with a middle-aged school benefactor. It would have been easy enough for Anderson to turn the film into an ever-escalating, bigger-must-be-funnier battle of pranks. Instead, he spends plenty of time getting us inside the messed-up heads of his two central characters. With a foundation in those two marvelous characters, Rushmore is free to let its comedy swoop from the sublime to the ridiculous, with plenty of wonderful stops in between.

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Max Fischer (JASON SCHWARTZMAN), a 10th grader at Rushmore Academy is currently: editor of the school newspaper and yearbook; president of the French Club, German Club, Chess Club, Astronomy Club; captain of the fencing and debate teams; founder of the Double-team Dodgeball Society; and director of the Max Fischer Players, for whom he writes and produces plays about police corruption, inner-city violence, war, etc. He is applying for early admission to Oxford. (Harvard is his safety.) He is also one of the worst students in the school and has been placed on sudden-death academic probation.

Max falls in love with a first-grade teacher named Miss Cross (OLIVIA WILLIAMS), and uses all of the resources at his disposal to try to win her over. He develops a plan to construct an aquarium at the school in her honor, and goes to one of the school's benefactors, a steel tycoon named Mr. Blume (BILL MURRAY), to raise some seed money. Max and Blume become good friends, but two unfortunate events follow:

1 . Max gets expelled from Rushmore for attempting to build the aquarium on the site of the school's baseball diamond. And,

2. Blume falls in love with Miss Cross, as well, triggering a war between Max and Blume in which Max will use all of the resources at his disposal to try to destroy his friend.

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