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At Theaters: 2/26/1999 On Video: 8/17/1999
Rated: R Length: 1 hr. 40 min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 029918
Studio: Paramount Pictures Corp.
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Storyline Heading

Anyone who has been on the town the last night of the year knows the familiar feelings: sentimental recollections, uncertainty about the future and fear that time is running out are mingled with the excitement of a cold winter night and the anticipation of a new love when the clock strikes 12.

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Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Comedy - This light romantic comedy will appeal mostly to teens, young adults, and anyone nostalgic for the early '80s. Adults may also enjoy, but the film is not appropriate for children.
Cast and Crew Heading
Ben Affleck (Good Will Hunting)
Catherine Kellner (Six Degrees of Separation)
Martha Plimpton (Parenthood)
Angela Featherstone (Con Air)
Producer: David Gale (Varsity Blues)
Director: Risa Bramon Garcia (TV - Life Stories: A Deadly Secret)
Production Notes Heading
About The Story
New York's Eve And The '80s
About the Production
Content Heading
PROFANITY: Frequent use of strong profanity.
SEX/NUDITY: A brief sexual situation, no nudity; some clothed fooling around.
DRUGS/ALCOHOL: Lots of alcohol, brief marijuana use, virtually non-stop cigarette smoking.
COMEDY: Frequent comic situations and dialogue, a lot of which revolves around sex.

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Critic's Review Heading
Above Average
As much fun as they may be to make, and as interesting as the assembled talent often is, multi-story and -character ensemble films have a built-in problem: all the stories and characters never hold the same amount of interest. Such is the case with Risa Bramon Garcia's somewhat amusing but underachieving 200 Cigarettes. Within the loose narrative framework of people finding their way to one big Big Apple bash on the Eve of 1982, Garcia and screenwriter Shana Larsen, both first-timers, do come up with one completely successful plot thread: that of platonic friends/roommates Kevin and Lucy (the terrifically matched Paul Rudd and Courtney Love). The other stories in the hodgepodge are varying degrees of just-passable, with the exception of one tedious dud.


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"200 Cigarettes" takes place on New Year's Eve 1981 as several groups of young people embark from various locales in New York looking to have a good time, their destination being a party in the East Village.

The bash is being thrown by Monica (Martha Plimpton) and her friend of the moment, Hillary (Catherine Kellner). Believing that hosting a party at which no one shows up is like "facing death," Monica gradually becomes undone as the hours pass and no one arrives. Even Hillary bails -- and must be bribed into returning with the promise of getting first dibs on Monica's former boyfriend, Eric (Brian McCardie), who's expected later.

He may not make it. Eric's new girlfriend, Bridget (Nicole Parker), and her pal, Caitlyn (Angela Featherstone), have just learned the party is being thrown by Eric's ex. As the trio down drinks at a nightclub, Bridget seizes the moment to make the moves on the handsome bartender (Ben Affleck).

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