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At Theaters: 6/26/1998 On Video: 1/5/1999
Rated: R Length: 2 hr. 04 min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 069809
Studio: Universal Pictures Inc.
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Storyline Heading

Based on the Elmore Leonard novel, is a sly and sexy crime caper, Jack Foley, an escaped bank robber who has no intention of going back into the pen and Karen Sisco, the by-the-books Federal marshal, who inadvertently gets caught up in his escape. Charged with bringing him to justice, intrigued by his behavior, she's not sure whether she wants to bag him or bed him.

Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Drama - Out of Sight is a crime caper comedy from the author (and screenwriter) of Get Shorty. Fans of that earlier film will probably enjoy the same off-beat humor and solid acting. The pace may be too slow for some viewers expecting a high-energy crime thriller, and the romantic sub-plot could be perceived as distracting. Extremely effective character comedy, though some of the comedy is decidedly dark.
Cast and Crew Heading
George Clooney (The Peacemaker)
Jennifer Lopez (Selena)
Ving Rhames (ConAir)
Don Cheadle (Boogie Nights)
Director: Steven Soderbergh (King of the Hill)
Production Notes Heading
About The Production
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Production Information
Content Heading
PROFANITY: Strong and extremely frequent
SEX/NUDITY: No nudity; one discrete scene of sexual activity
VIOLENCE: Several shootings, stabbings and scenes of assault
DRUGS/ALCOHOL: Reference to marijuana use; a few scenes of alcohol consumption
ACTION: A few brief chases, fight sequences and shootouts
COMEDY: Lots of character based comedy and clever dialogue

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Critic's Review Heading
Very Good
No previous adaptation of an Elmore Leonard novel - and there have been a couple of pretty good ones recently in Get Shorty and Jackie Brown - has captured the author's unique flavor quite as well as Out of Sight. Every quirky contradiction in Leonard's sort-of-crime, sort-of-comedy novels can be found in this marvelously meandering caper with rhythms all its own.
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Incarcerated in Florida's medium security facility, Glades Correctional Institution, 40-year old Jack Foley (George Clooney) is a hard-timer with two decades of bank robberies under his belt. Without ever using a weapon, Foley had robbed more banks in his career than most of the other cons had been in to cash checks -- more than anyone in the FBI's computer.

There was just one problem--Jack Foley kept getting caught. Usually it was car problems--like the time he raced out of the bank to find his car on fire or the time his car had a dead battery. It was always something.

A three-time loser, Foley is currently looking at 30-odd years of jail time. Only he has no intention of doing that time. He is determined to get out and stay out--and has planned a last big score for his retirement.

Deputy Federal Marshal Karen Sisco (Jennifer Lopez) grew up in law enforcement. Her father, Marshall (Dennis Farina), a semi-retired private investigator, had hoped she'd continue working for him when she got out of school. His wish to see her settled with someone safe, like a doctor or a lawyer, went out the window when an opportunity to work with the Miami Federal Marshal's office lured her away.

A doting dad, he worries about Karen, though she is certainly capable of taking care of herself. It's her taste in men that concerns him. She seemed to always go for the wild ones--the cowboy cops, guys who liked to pack. Men like her current beau, Ray Nicolet, a member of the FBI Task Force. Ray is separated from his wife, but still lives with her--an arrangement Mr. Sisco doesn't see as being in Karen's best interests.

Following a birthday lunch with her father, Karen is on her way to meet Ray when she stops off at Glades Correctional to serve a Summons and Complaint. But minutes after pulling into the parking lot, she stumbles upon a breakout.

Reaching for the shotgun she keeps in the trunk of her car, she nearly aborts Jack's escape, but his pal Buddy (Ving Rhames), waiting in the getaway car, grabs her from behind. Anxious to get out of there and not knowing what else to do with the feisty young woman, they take her away with them.

Packed closely together in the trunk of a car, as Buddy races them towards the highway and freedom, Karen and Jack come to know quite a bit about each other in a short dark time. She discovers that the bank robber is not only a perfect gentleman, but he also shares her love for movies. She's even amused that he seems to be trying to make a good impression.

Jack is surprised by the ease with which they converse and also impressed by her courage. Trapped with a complete stranger, not to mention a felon, Karen isn't the least bit afraid.

Her astonishment grows when he wonders aloud what it would have been like if they'd met under different circumstances: if they had simply met in a bar and had gotten to talking and she didn't know who or what he was. If they could have a "time out."

At the highway rendezvous with a second car and driver, Karen makes one last attempt to bring Jack and Buddy to justice. Extracting the Sig-Sauer .380 which she had hidden beneath her, she tries to shoot her way out of the trunk and arrest the two men. Out maneuvered, she is forced to relinquish the brand new gun, a birthday gift from her father. Then, shackled with her own hand-cuffs, Karen is put into the decoy car with Glenn Michaels (Steve Zahn), a car thief whose reputation for boosting and moving expensive vehicles was stellar--provided he wasn't too stoned.

But Karen, who never forgets anyone she has cuffed and shackled, recognizes the flustered young man as someone she has twice escorted from the county jail to the federal courthouse on minor drug busts. She reintroduces herself to a stunned Glenn who can't believe his misfortune. Karen convinces him to save his own

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