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At Theaters: 7/29/1998 On Video: 12/8/1998
Rated: PG Length: 2 hr. 04 min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 079810
Studio: Disney Pictures Inc.
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Storyline Heading

Identical twin sisters are separated shortly after birth by the break-up of their parents. "His and hers" kids, the twins are raised on different continents by their two successful parents. Unaware of each other's existence, fate intervenes when the girls coincidentally meet at summer camp in Maine. Eager to meet their respective parents, the girls devise a scheme to switch places and ultimately, reunite their mom and dad.

Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Comedy - A faithful remake of the original THE PARENT TRAP, this movie is likely to appeal to those who enjoyed the original. The basic target audience appears to be pre-teen girls and their mothers.
Cast and Crew Heading
Dennis Quaid (Wyatt Earp)
Natasha Richardson (Nell)
Lindsay Lohan (TV's The Guiding Light)
Director: Nancy Meyers (Father of the Brice, Part II)
Producer: Charles Shyer (Father of the Bride, Part II)
Production Notes Heading
The Casting
About The Locations
The Wardrobe
Special Effects
About The Twins
Content Heading
PROFANITY: Almost none.
DRUGS/ALCOHOL: One character gets drunk.
COMEDY: There are several effectively comic scenes, as well as some comedy that doesn't work.

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Critic's Review Heading
I'm not sure how or when the first The Parent Trap was elevated to the Disney- proclaimed status of "a classic," since it's just another dated example of the family-friendly, creatively-barren pabulum that the studio turns out with regularity. Now, with a completely new cast and crew, Disney is once again engaging in a process that their live-action division thrives on: self-cannibalization. One thing that The Parent Trap has going for it is that it is cute and sporadically funny. However, unless you're an eleven year-old girl (the obvious target audience), neither of those qualities is reason enough to see the film. The Parent Trap is another lackluster entry into Disney's ever-growing library of unnecessary remakes.

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Hallie Parker lives an idyllic life spending her days swimming and riding horses with her loving and attentive father and sharing secrets and jokes with her warmhearted nanny, Chessy (LISA ANN WALTER). Everything is perfect ... except as Hallie says, "I'm almost a teenager and I'll be the only girl I know without a Mom to fight with."

Annie James has an exciting and sophisticated life, growing up in a London townhouse with a beautiful and loving mother, a benevolent grandfather (RONNIE STEVENS), and a classically-trained yet slightly off-kilter butler named Martin (SIMON KUNZ). Everything is perfect ... except as Annie says, "A dad is an irreplaceable person in a girl's life."

Destiny comes into play when both girls arrive in Maine at Camp Walden for Girls. Instantly distrustful of each other, the girls are punished by camp owners Marva Sr. (POLLY HOLLIDAY) and Marva Jr. (MAGGIE WHEELER) for their hijinks and sentenced to spend the rest of the summer as the sole inhabitants of the dreaded "isolation cabin." It is there that the girls realize they are indeed twins. Intrigued by what caused their parents to split up a decade earlier and each determined to meet their "other" parent, the girls decide to take matters into their own hands and switch places.

With Annie's accent and mannerisms down pat, Hallie is off on a London adventure, that includes a tour of the city and a chance meeting with supermodel Vendela. At the same time, Annie is off to Napa Valley where she is enamored with the California lifestyle, but is shocked to discover a wrinkle in the plan to get their parents back together. Upon arriving home, Annie meets Meredith Blake, a slinky 26-year-old beauty who calls her dad 'Nicky.' Trouble is afoot and Annie 911's Hallie in London asking for help.

In London, Hallie admits her true identity and joins her mother and Martin on a trip to San Francisco under the guise of switching the sisters back. Nervous at the prospect of seeing her gorgeous and charming ex after eleven years, Elizabeth discovers the complimentary in-flight cocktail bottles and after a nine-hour flight, arrives in San Francisco ready for anything.

Meanwhile, Nick, Chessy and Annie simultaneously arrive at the hotel in San Francisco to rendezvous with impending in-laws for a pre-nuptial get-together. Mother (JOANNA BARNES) and daughter Meredith are thrilled at the millions ($$$) of possibilities this marriage presents. Unaware that both his daughters and his ex-wife are in the hotel, Nick is in for a comic jolt.

After a futile attempt to rekindle their parents' romance with a candle-lit dinner on a yacht, the time comes for Elizabeth and Annie to return to England. However, the twins refuse to reveal their true identities and strike a deal that takes the entire family on Nick's annual camping trip.

Elizabeth convinces Meredith to join the outing and then conveniently bows out of the trip. The opportunity to torture Meredith in the great outdoors is not lost on Hallie and Annie. After an array of traumatic encounters orchestrated by the girls, Meredith is driven to give Nick an ultimatum ... it's me or them. Nick answers with one simple word. "Them."

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