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At Theaters: 9/24/1999 On Video: 4/11/2000
Rated: R Length: hr. min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 099914
Studio: Artisan Entertainment
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Storyline Heading
Vann Siegert, a placid drifter rolls into a quaint coastal town looking to start over. He gets a job at the post office and begins to date a fellow worker. As Vann makes a success of his life in this tiny town, however, mysterious forces seem to pull him in dangerous directions.
Movie Type (Genre) Heading
- A serial killer movie that's not an action film or a thriller. Instead, this is a drama that looks at the world from the killer's point-of-view. Slow-moving, stylish, and a little creepy.
Cast and Crew Heading
Owen Wilson (The Haunting)
Janeane Garofalo (Permanent Midnight, Copland)
Brian Cox (Rushmore, Desperate Measures)
Mercedes Ruehl (Big, The Fisher King)
Wri/Dir: Hampton Fancher (Writer - Blade Runner)
Production Notes Heading
Not provided by studio.
Content Heading
PROFANITY: Infrequent but occasionally extreme.
VIOLENCE: Little on-screen violence, but some off-screen.
DRUGS/ALCOHOL: Drug abuse and alcohol abuse.
COMEDY: An occasional witticism.

Critic's Review Heading
Above Average
Hampton Fancher's The Minus Man is a methodical, chilling excursion into the mind of a serial killer -- it seeks to explore, not to exploit. Those on a quest for complete understanding won't find it here. The purpose of The Minus Man is not to answer questions and tie up everything into a neat package. This is a character study, not a psychological profile. The Minus Man is not a comfortable motion picture to sit through. The lack of overt violence and gore deepens the sense of unease. Watching Vann's tale unfold, we should be gripped by revulsion; instead, there's a strange fascination. This movie may not invite emotional participation, but it gives its audience much to ponder.

Opinion Heading

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Owen Wilson stars as Vann Siegert, a placid drifter who rolls into a quaint coastal town looking to start over. Van is so kind, so thoughtful, and so downright likable that his presence almost seems negligible. Vann's seemingly the nicest, simplest guy you could ever meet.

Upon arriving in town, Vann takes up residence in the house of a fragile couple, masochistic Doug (Brian Cox) and his alternately tough and tender wife Jane (Mercedes Ruehl). He rents their missing daughter's supposedly private room. Soon Vann takes on the role of kindly confessor, confidant and secret friend to Doug and Jane, each precariously drawn to Vann's charming innocence and open ease.

Meanwhile Vann gets a job at the post office on Doug's recommendation and begins to date a fellow worker, the free-spirited Ferrin (Janeane Garofalo). The closer Ferrin tries to get to Vann, the more a cipher he remains.

As Vann makes a success of his life in this tiny town, however, mysterious forces seem to pull him in dangerous directions. Throughout his journey. Vann carries on a surreal dialogue with two hard boiled detectives (Dwight Yoakan, Dennis Haysbert) who are trailing not just his every move but his deepest internal motives.

When a series of locals begin to disappear, it becomes clear that some sort of eerie subtraction is at work among the lonely and lost of this sleepy suburb. People look toward Vann, but no one can quite put their finger on who he is, Vann is in fact who each person want him to be, a blank reflection.

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