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At Theaters: 10/1/1999 On Video: 4/11/2000
Rated: PG-13 Length: hr. min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 109915
Studio: Miramax Pictures Inc.
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Storyline Heading
Two escaped prisoners, whose only hope to evade the law is to assume the identity of two beauty pageant directors about to set up shop in one very small Texas town, Happy. Quickly they discover that the local bank is ripe for the picking and the town's two most eligible women are desperate for a little excitement.
Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Comedy - Happy, Texas is a farcical comedy based mostly on mistaken identity and broad character behavior. The comic acting is generally very good, appealing to fans of actors Steve Zahn and William H. Macy. Some viewers may be put off by the subject matter dealing with gay characters, either because of the broad comedy or because of the sympathetic way in which gay characters are portrayed.
Cast and Crew Heading
Jeremy Northam (An Ideal Husband, Gloria)
Steve Zahn (Out of Sight, Forces of Nature)
Ally Walker (Universal Soldier)
Illeana Douglas (Stir of Echoes, Picture Perfect)
William H. Macy (Mystery men, Psycho)
Director: Mark Illsley (Rapa Nui)
Production Notes Heading
About The Production
Content Heading
PROFANITY: Strong, moderately frequent
SEX/NUDITY: A suggestive sexual scene, no nudity
VIOLENCE: A few punches, a shooutout
DRUGS/ALCOHOL: A couple of scenes of characters drinking beer
ACTION: One lengthy chase scene, fistfights
COMEDY: Lots of broad, farcical comedy

Critic's Review Heading
Above Average
It is entirely likely that few viewers will think of Happy, Texas as an instantly dated comedy. They'll laugh along with the broad humor, letting the premise take them along on all its wacky misunderstandings and complications. They'll roar like the audience member in front of me at the incongruous situations. And while there are plenty of things that are worth a chuckle in Happy, Texas, there is this one glaring issue that made it impossible for me to surrender completely to its zaniness. You see, in Happy, Texas, homosexuality itself is the punch line. It's a superbly cast feature-length episode of "Three's Company."
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Two escaped prisoners, Harry Sawyer (JEREMY NORTHAM) and Wayne Wayne Wayne Jr. (STEVE ZAHN) whose only hope to evade the law lies in a most unusual getaway vehicle.. .a beat-up Winnebago. Now, to hold onto their freedom they'll have to assume the identity of the R/V's owners: two beauty pageant producers about to set up shop in one very small Texas town.. .Happy. Desperate to qualify their town's girls for the Little Miss Squeezed Pageant, something they've failed to do for the past quarter century, the folks of Happy, Texas thought they'd hired pros. But what they're about to get is a couple of cons. Quickly, Wayne and Harry discover that the local bank is ripe for the picking and the town's two most eligible women, schoolteacher Miss Schaefer (ILLEANA DOUGLAS) and the town's banker Josephine McClintock (ALLY WALKER), are hungry for a little excitement. But what initially looked like an easy way to lay low is turning into everything but. With Happy's lone lawman, Sheriff Chappy Dent, played by Academy Award nominee WILLIAM H. MACY snooping around, this unlikely pair is going to have to do things, say things and be things they never dreamed.
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