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At Theaters: 10/5/2001 On Video: 2/26/2002
Rated: PG-13 Length: 1 hr. 36 min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 269906
Studio: Artisan Entertainment
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Storyline Heading
College freshman Cassandra "Cassie" steps into a nightmare of otherworldly visitations after surviving a devastating car accident. Haunted by a grim reaper of a far different kind, her only hope is to cling to chance encounters with her lost love Sean and the aid of a mysterious young priest named Father Jude. It is the spirit of Sean, her soul mate, who guides her to love.
Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Horror Thriller - A thriller that's a little shy on thrills. It will appeal more to young adults and teens.
Cast and Crew Heading
Melissa Sagemiller GET OVER IT
Casey Affleck COMMITTED
Director: Steve Carpenter III
Production Notes Heading
Not provided by studio.
Content Heading
PROFANITY: 5 S-words, 4 A-words. A few milder ones.
SEX/NUDITY: Some sexual references. No nudity or sex scenes.
VIOLENCE: Typical horror movie violence. Nothing too graphic.
DRUGS/ALCOHOL: A lot of drinking at parties.
ACTION: A few foot chase scenes is about it.
COMEDY: Only a couple of mildly funny remarks.

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Critic's Review Heading
Below Average

The above rating is an average of the critic reviews below.

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Entertainment Weekly   Full Review
Average "The only possible reason to see this otherwise average afternoon waster is Sagemiller. She's got a Frances McDormand-like overbite and dimpled chin and shows flashes of a similarly soulful talent.''

TV Guide Online  Full Review
Poor "Despite the handsome production values and best efforts of the attractive young cast, it's hard to get deeply involved with the frantic "what's going on?" sturm und drang. It should be pretty clear to any horror movie regular exactly what's going on long before the big "surprise" twist spells it out.''

Note: The rating above is our interpretation of what the critic would give this movie based on their review. We are not affiliated with these critic's in any way.

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Opinion Heading

Sorry, we were unable to collect moviegoer opinions.
This movie did not open in a city where we collect opinions.

The following is the original "What's Worth Watching" write-up for this movie.

Moviegoer Opinions:

The lack advertising for this movie is certainly evident. NO ONE attended the 7:30 Friday or Saturday showings where I was hoping to collect opinions. Guess you'll just have to go by my opinion below.

Publisher Comments: (before opinions collected)
I saw this movie opening day and it's an OK movie that's fairly clean. Older teens would probably find it more entertaining than I did. It certainly keeps you guessing as to what exactly is going on and how it will end. The plot twist ending is pretty good, but it seems to take too long getting there.

I would recommend it to teens as a video rental (which shouldn't be too far in the future) or at most a matinee viewing.

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