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At Theaters: 3/9/2001 On Video: 12/18/2001
Rated: R Length: 1 hr. 26 min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 279908
Studio: Artisan Entertainment
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Richard, a millionaire computer engineer who has recently lost his father, has withdrawn into himself and his computers. With his connection to the outside world largely confined to his computer screen, Richard's perceptions of the real and the artificial have become skewed.

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Peter Sarsgaard BOYS DON'T CRY
Carla Gugino SNAKE EYES
Director: Wayne Wang ANYWHERE BUT HERE
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Richard Longman (Peter Sarsgaard) is a brilliant computer engineer in his early 20s whose immersion in the world of computers has left him unaccustomed to the world outside his door. With the recent loss of his father and his growing disinterest in the all- consuming pursuit of IPO glory, Richard has retreated further into his technological cocoon. Able to summon virtually anything he wants with a click of his mouse, he lets the world come to him through his trio of computer monitors. But his computer cannot bring him what he hungers for most: the warmth of sustained human connection.

Florence (Molly Parker) is a drummer in a loud, thrashy rock band, but to pay her bills she works as a stripper at an upscale club called Pandora's Box. By day, Florence is the epitome of the smart, cool rock chick in her 20s; at night, she transforms herself into a leggy, purring fantasy of uninhibited sexuality. In her own mind, the line between her real self, including her real sensuality, and her professional persona is crystal clear; however, that division has not yet been put to the test.

When Richard and Florence meet at a local coffee shop, there is an immediate attraction. Already drawn by the drummer's flirtatious edge, Richard is intrigued to learn that she is a stripper and tantalized by a glimpse of leopard-skin fabric in her bag. At Pandora's Box. a steamy lap dance from Flo leaves Richard wanting more. He asks Florence to come with him to Las Vegas, insisting he simply wants to get to know her better and promising to compensate her for lost wages. Busily putting up fliers for her band, Florence bluntly declares that she doesn't have sex for money, but Richard and his offer have piqued her interest. After he ups the ante to $10,000, Florence sets forth her conditions: no kissing on the mouth, no talk of feelings, no penetration, her own room and predetermined hours: 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Arriving in Las Vegas, Florence and Peter enter a world in which the artificial and the real blend in ways that are exciting, dangerous and profound. Richard, behaving as if no money has changed hands, sets about wooing Florence, making no distinction between her and the seductive, languorous woman, Flo, who slips into his room precisely at 10 o'clock that first night. Florence is turned on by the sense of sexual power she wields over Richard; at the same time, she finds herself increasingly responding to him from an authentic part of herself.

One by one, Florence's rules are broken as human feelings are engaged and a connection is made, however briefly, between two isolated young people. But in the end, the very desires — for sex, money, power, control — that have brought Richard and Florence together will keep them apart.

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