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At Theaters: 2/15/2002 On Video: 6/11/2002
Rated: R Length: 1 hr. 48 min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 389910
Studio: Lions Gate Films
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Storyline Heading
Hank, an embittered prison guard working on Death Row begins an unlikely, but emotionally charged affair with Leticia, the wife of a man he has just executed. Hank’s bigoted, aging father's hatred seems to have poisoned his entire family as much as the family business, which is working on the prison Death Squad. Ledger, Hank’s son, is bent on getting out of the family business.

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Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Drama - A slow, sad and strange story with a few scenes of very graphic sex. It's about a raciest who's unlikable and cruel to his grown son. This is NOT a movie for mainstream moviegoers.
Cast and Crew Heading
Health Ledger A KNIGHT'S TALE
Peter Boyle
Director: Marc Forster
Producer: Lee Daniels
Production Notes Heading
About The Production
Content Heading
PROFANITY: 8 F-words, 6 GD's, 13 S-words. Not many others.
VIOLENCE: A suicide and some slapping around.
DRUGS/ALCOHOL: Some drinking. Nothing to excess.
COMEDY: Only a few mildly funny moments.

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Critic's Review Heading
Very Good

The above rating is an average of the critic reviews below.

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Entertainment Weekly   Full Review
Good ''Monster's Ball is a traffic map of calls and responses, lessons and homework, wishes and fulfillment. All roads lead to acting-award nominations, but none lead to truth.''

James Berardinelli, Internet Critic  Full Review
Very Good "This is as anti-Hollywood a film as I have seen in recent months, one which takes conventional plot ideas and uses them not to season a melodrama, but to enrich fully three-dimensional characters and create a forceful motion picture. Hank and Leticia do not let go of you, even once the end credits have rolled.''

Roger Ebert  Full Review
Excellent "Monster's Ball is about a black woman and a white man who find, for a time anyway, solace in each other for their pain. But their pain remains separate and so do they; this is not a message movie about interracial relationships, but the specific story of two desperate people whose lives are shaken by violent deaths, and how in the days right after that they turn to each other because there is no place else to turn.''

TV Guide Online  Full Review
Above Average "A somber meditation on racism and family pathology, anchored by solid performances. ...the film's elliptical character development sometimes renders the actors' work opaque; restraint is an underpracticed virtue, but even it can be taken to excess.  ''

Note: The rating above is our interpretation of what the critic would give this movie based on their review. We are not affiliated with these critic's in any way.

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Opinion Heading

Sorry, we were unable to collect moviegoer opinions.
This movie did not open in a city where we collect opinions.

The following is the original "What's Worth Watching" write-up for this movie.

Moviegoer Opinions:

We collected a few opinions. Here's the breakdown:
5 Male 5 Female "Very Good," 5 Male 4 Female "Good/Avg.," 2 Male 2 Female "Fair/Ok," 2 Male "Poor," 1 Female "Terrible."

These aren't very high opinions. It's obvious most didn't care for this movie very much. You'll want to be sure and read the detailed content before deciding to see this dark, depressing movie. Some of the remarks were that it was too slow and too strange and depressing.

Publisher Comments: (before opinions collected)
I don't believe this is a movie the average person will enjoy much. It's slow, sad, depressing and EXTREMELY SEXUAL. These things are not what most people look for in a movie. I kept thinking to myself "Why was this movie made?" It's a story about a group of sad people and their depressing lives and there's no happy ending to make it worth watching. Critics really enjoyed this movie, which for me is usually not a good sign. But, if your taste in movies runs close to that of critics, then you will probably enjoy "Monster's Ball." Everyone else should certainly read the detailed content before deciding to see this movie.

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