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At Theaters: 2/14/2003 On Video: 6/10/2003
Rated: G Length: 1 hr. 15 min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 399954
Studio: Disney Pictures Inc.
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Storyline Heading
Mowgli convinces the village children, including his best pals, Shanti and Ranjan of the jungle's virtues. But his stepfather catches him and punishes him for his disobedience. Mowgli sneaks away to the jungle with the help of Baloo. The pals get back in the swing of things as they reunite and reminisce about old times.
Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Animated - A very cute story for kids and most adults. It easily picks up where the first movie left off. It has some humor that should appeal to all ages.
Cast and Crew Heading
John Goodman (Voice of Baloo)
Haley Joel Osment (Voice of Mowgli)
Mae Whitman (Voice of Shanti)
Connor Funk (Voice of Ranjan)
Phil Collins (Voice of Lucky)
Director: Steve Trenbirth Feature Film Directing Debut
Production Notes Heading
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About The Characters
Content Heading
VIOLENCE: Some threats of violence from the tiger.
ACTION: The jungle action/activity should easily keep the little ones happy.
COMEDY: Some funny wisecracks every so often.

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James Berardinelli, Internet Critic  Full Review
Average "After seeing a less-than-stellar motion picture, I often experience feelings of disappointment, irritation, sadness and anger. But it's rare for me to feel insulted - which is precisely what happened with The Jungle Book 2. This lame animated fable, despite having "direct-to-video" written all over it, was released by Disney,...''

Roger Ebert  Full Review
Below Average "The Jungle Book 2 is so thin and unsatisfying, it seems like the made-for-DVD version, not a theatrical release.''

USA TODAY  Full Review
Average "The Jungle Book 2 offers up the absolute bare necessities of a sequel: the same lovable characters as in the original and many catchy tunes reprised from its predecessor. Unfortunately, it relies on those two elements to keep our interest, providing a paper-thin story.''

TV Guide Online  Full Review
Average "...the story builds on the original, and tells a solid coming of age tale as it follows the original's main character into young adulthood. The musical numbers are also well done: In addition to a few catchy new tunes, Baloo's Oscar-nominated signature song, 'The Bare Necessities,' is once again revived and endearingly sung by Goodman.''

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The following is the original "What's Worth Watching" write-up for this movie.

Moviegoer Opinions:

These are some great opinions, especially coming from adults. Kids and teens (I suspect young teens) loved it giving it lots of "Fantastic" opinions and very few low opinions. Both young adults and adults also enjoyed it very much. This is obviously a great movie to take the whole family to see, because everyone will likely enjoy it, at least to some degree.

Cinema Review Prediction: (before moviegoer opinions are collected)
This one is easy to predict. If you enjoyed the first one you will enjoy Jungle Book 2. It's funny and very cute. It's every bit as good as the first one. And like the first one, it should be enjoyed by most adults, so TAKE THE WHOLE FAMILY TO SEE JUNGLE BOOK 2!

The man-cub now lives in the village among humans, learning about the love of a family for the first time in his life. His new life includes his little stepbrother, Ranjan, and his best friend Shanti, the girl that initially wooed him from the jungle. But living in the village means following human rules, a new concept that encroaches on the freedoms he enjoyed during his upbringing in the jungle.

Moreover, Mowgli's still got that jungle rhythm in his heart. He misses his old buddy Baloo, who likewise pines for his little man-cub pal. While the wise panther, Bagheera, and Colonel Hathi's Elephant Patrol attempt to keep Baloo from disturbing Mowgli's new-human existence, Mowgli is putting the jungle bug in the ear of the village children during the rousing musical number, "Jungle Rhythm." The children have been lectured since birth about the dangers of the jungle, and have been forbidden to enter its mysterious foliage. But Mowgli's infectious song innocently leads the village children toward the jungle only to be halted by Mowgli's stepfather, who promptly punishes Mowgli for his disobedience.

Meanwhile, Baloo isn't the only one hoping to see Mowgli again soon the man-eating tiger Shere Khan impatiently awaits revenge for his humiliation. Shere Khan slips into the man village hoping to find the man-cub just as Mowgli is sneaking away to the jungle with the help of Baloo. Shanti is so worried about Mowgli that she overcomes her own fear of the jungle and goes after him followed, unbeknownst to her, by the irrepressible Ranj an.

Baloo sets forth to convince the man-cub that his place is in the jungle, taking his quest to musical extremes with the show-stopping, Busby Berkeley-style musical number, "W-I-L-D." But the fun can't last. With the hypnotic snake Kaa seeking a snack, Shere Khan out for vengeance and the villagers scouring the jungle, the chase is on to find Mowgli and get him to safety. In the end, Shanti and Baloo must team up to help their mutual pal defeat the nefarious tiger, and Mowgli is faced with deciding between old friends and new family.

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