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At Theaters: 5/30/2003 On Video: 11/4/2003
Rated: G Length: 1 hr. 41 min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 419909
Studio: Disney Pictures Inc.
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Storyline Heading
Two fish become separated in the Great Barrier Reef when Nemo is unexpectedly taken from home and thrust into a fish tank in a dentist's office. Buoyed by the companionship of Dory, the overly cautious father embarks on a dangerous trek and finds himself the unlikely hero of an epic journey to rescue his son - who hatches a few daring plans of his own to return safely home.
Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Animated Adventure - A simple animated comedy kids will love, with some humor for adults. The computer animation is stunning and incredibly lifelike. Parents should be aware that there are some scary and sad scenes near the first of the movie that will likely be of concern for very young children.
Cast and Crew Heading
Albert Brooks (Voice of Marlin)
Ellen DeGeneres (Voice of Dory)
Alexander Gould (Voice of Nemo)
Willem Dafoe (Voice of Gill)
Director: Andrew Stanton A BUG'S LIFE
Director: Lee Unkrich MONSTER'S INC. TOY STORY 2
Producer: Graham Walters Producing Debut
Production Notes Heading
Production Information
About The Production
Technical Triumphs
Production Design & Cinematography
Sound Effects
Content Heading
VIOLENCE: A scary shark may be a concern for very small children.
ACTION: Lots of fun animated action throughout.
COMEDY: Very funny for both kids and adults.

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Critic's Review Heading
Very Good

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James Berardinelli, Internet Critic  Full Review
Very Good "...there's nothing to gripe about where Finding Nemo is concerned. Pixar has done it again, and, in the process, managed to salvage Disney's reputation - at least for a little longer. Finding Nemo is a treasure trove of visual splendor.''

Roger Ebert  Full Review
Excellent "Finding Nemo is a pleasure for grown-ups. There are jokes we get that the kids don't, and the complexity of Albert Brooks' neuroses, and that enormous canvas filled with creatures that have some of the same hypnotic beauty as--well, fish in an aquarium.''

USA TODAY  Full Review
Very Good "Finding Nemo is an undersea treasure. The most gorgeous of all the Pixar films — which include Toy Story1 and 2, A Bug's Life and Monsters, Inc. Nemo treats family audiences to a sweet, resonant story and breathtaking visuals.''

TV Guide Online  Full Review
Very Good "Pixar heads under the sea and finds subject matter that couldn't be more perfectly suited to its vivid style of computer animation. ... the visuals are utterly convincing and the story revolves around a diverse — and very funny — group of characters who inhabit a fantastic version of the ocean.''

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Based on an Exit Polling of 304 Moviegoers

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Moviegoer Opinions:

It's easy to see that EVERYONE LOVED NEMO! These are some extremely high opinions. Almost half are "Fantastic," which is incredible. Also incredible, especially considering there are over three hundred opinions, is the fact that there are no low opinions. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FINDING NEMO! It's great fun for everyone.

Cinema Review Prediction: (before moviegoer opinions are collected)
Another winner from Pixar! It's lots of fun, it's very funny (for children and adults) and the computer animation is incredible, plus there's a great moral to the story. DON'T MISS FINDING NEMO! It's a "must see" on the big screen, and more than once.

Parents get ready. You will be seeing this movie a million times once it hits video. Can't we all just about recite word-for-word the dialog in Monsters, Inc.? :-)

PARENT CAUTION: There are some scenes at the beginning that will undoubtedly scare very small children. These scenes are also very sad, similar to the scenes in the movie Bambi, where Bambi's parents are killed. In my screening, some kids had to be taken out crying. Obviously it's hard to know if this was due to the movie or just cranky kids, but the timing suggested the movie was the cause. Fortunately these scenes are short and most kids should quickly forget these scenes and enjoy the rest of the movie.

Life along the Great Barrier Reef is full of dangers when you're a tiny clown fish. And for Marlin, a single parent determined to protect his only son, Nemo, there are constant fears and anxieties. When it comes time for Nemo to leave the protective shelter of his sea anemone home for the first day of school, Marlin nervously accompanies him and agonizes over his every move. When Nemo defies his father and swims beyond the reef's awesome "drop off" to investigate a boat, he is suddenly scooped up by a diver as Marlin helplessly watches.

Marlin's sinking feeling turns to desperate action as he frantically swims off in search of his son. As he passes a school of fish, he literally bumps into Dory, an agreeable blue tang who offers to help. The only problem is that Dory has severe short-term memory loss and forgets things as quickly as they happen. Together, this aquatic odd couple set out on an impossible mission.

Meanwhile, in a dentist's office overlooking Sydney Harbor, Nemo has landed in a fish tank that is home to a colorful group of characters. The leader is a tough moorish idol named Gill, who also came from the ocean and dreams of one day returning. The other tank-mates include: a starfish named Peach; a temperamental blowfish named Bloat; Bubbles, a bubble-obsessed yellow tang; a germophobic royal gramma named Gurgle; a compulsive cleaner shrimp named Jacques; and Deb, a black & white humbug damsel fish who believes that the reflection in the tank glass is her identical twin sister, Flo. When Nemo is officially initiated into the gang, he rekindles Gill's dormant desire to escape.

Marlin and Dory soon find themselves in troubled waters contending with such hazards as a trio of sharks (embarked on a self-help program to improve their image from mindless eating machines); a mesmerizing-but-deadly angler fish; and a tangled forest of jellyfish. The duo also have a close encounter with a blue whale, surf the East Australian Current (EAC) with a herd of hip sea turtles, and fend off an attack by ravenous seagulls, as they make their way to Sydney Harbor. Their adventures become the stuff of legends, and soon fish and fowl alike are buzzing about this extraordinary pair. Word of this heroic clown fish traveling the ocean in search of his son even reaches Nemo back in his tank.

Nemo is surprised and thrilled when he learns of his father's search for him. With Gill's encouragement and motivated by a strong desire to return to his father, Nemo moves forward with a daring escape plan. But time is running out; the dentist's rambunctious niece Darla (a destructive dynamo who has been known to shake her pet fish until they go belly up) is set to pick up Nemo the next day.

Arriving at Sydney Harbor, Marlin and Dory get a major assist from Nigel, a friendly pelican who has also heard the amazing stories of this brave clown fish searching for his son. With the clock furiously ticking and numerous forces at play, the father and son remain oceans apart in their efforts to reunite.

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