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At Theaters: 8/17/2005 On Video: 1/31/2006
Rated: PG-13 Length: 1 hr. 32 min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 459903
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
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Storyline Heading
A motorcycle saga that chronicles the personal journey of two brothers who overcome emotional and physical obstacles to achieve success in the competitive world of Supercross racing. The brothers' conflicts are magnified by their different life choices and their decision to become competitors and rivals.
Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Action - This is an extreme sports movie aimed strictly at the teen set into the sport of motocross. While the film is targeted toward younger viewers, the language gets a bit rough, and there is some suggestive scenes.
Cast and Crew Heading
Steve Howey TV's - REBA
Cameron Richardson TV's - POINT PLEASANT
Sophia Bush TV's ONE TREE HILL
Channing Tatum COACH CARTER
Production Notes Heading
The Sport Behind The Movie
Lights, Camera, Action
The Making Of Supercross: The Movie
Fast Facts On The Supercross Phenomenom
Content Heading
PROFANITY: 1 F-word, 9 S-words, 2 GD's, a number of others.
SEX/NUDITY: Brief fooling around; no nudity.
VIOLENCE: Brief fistfighting; rough falls off of motor bikes.
DRUGS/ALCOHOL: Alcohol and tobacco.
ACTION: Lots of motocross racing action.
COMEDY: Some wisecracks.

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Below Average

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USA Today Full Review
Poor The movie's biggest drawback is a failure to deliver what's promised.

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