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At Theaters: 7/21/2006 On Video: 10/24/2006
Rated: PG Length: 1 hr. 27 min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 469961
Studio: Columbia Pictures Inc.
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Storyline Heading
DJ and his pal have a run-in with Mr. Nebbercracker after their basketball wanders onto his lawn and is mysteriously swept into the house. When the house tries to swallow their new friend Jenny and no one believes the frightened trio's claims that the house is up to no good, it's up to them to investigate.
Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Comedy - CAUTION TO PARENTS: This movie will almost certainly be too scary for most young children. You know your children best, but I would say around age eight or so should be able to understand that it's only pretend. Also, for those of you concerned about supernatural themes, the story is about a house that's possessed by the spirit of a dead woman. It's quite intense and scary several times.
Cast and Crew Heading
Mitchel Musso (Voice of DJ Walters)
Sam Lerner (Voice of Chowder)
Spencer Locke (Voice of Jenny)
Jon Heder (Voice of Skull)
Director: Gil Kenan
Production Notes Heading
The Monster House Story
The Wish List
Black-Box Theater
Stretching Animation
The Sound and the Fury
About Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc.
Content Heading
PROFANITY: Just a few possible words of concern.
VIOLENCE: The house eats a few people (later found alive).
DRUGS/ALCOHOL: A punk rock guy is shown drinking a beer.
ACTION: A good amount of scary suspense action.
COMEDY: Quite a bit of humor for all ages.

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Critic's Review Heading

Berardinelli, Internet Critic Full Review
Good There's enough action and mildly scary stuff to keep restless viewers involved, but the thing I appreciated most was the way in which the three friends interact. Their dialogue rings true.

USA Today Full Review
Good Unlike so many animated movies that offer lessons such as family is important and teamwork is good, Monster isn't looking to teach you. It's looking to scare you...Monster's clever use of sound and shadows will likely have parents flinching in their seats with the kids.

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Based on an Exit Polling of 91 Moviegoers

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Very High
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About 50/50
20-29Yg Adults (M)
About 50/50
20-29Yg Adults (F)
30+Adults (M)
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About 50/50
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The following is the original "What's Worth Watching" write-up for this movie.

Moviegoer Opinions:

Based on a theater exit polling of 91 moviegoers:As expected, CHILDREN LOVED "MONSTER HOUSE." Teen opinions were mixed. About half enjoyed it very much and half didn't. Adult opinions aren't great, but also aren't too bad. Better than a third enjoyed it very much. The next third rated it average. The final third rated it below average to poor. So, for adults it's a gamble, but most kids movies are.

Twelve-year-old DJ Walters (Mitchel Musso), who is caught in that awkward moment between childhood and the onset of puberty, has too much time on his hands and has taken it into his head that there's something weird about old man Nebbercracker's house across the street. Things keep disappearing into the dilapidated structure: basketballs, tricycles, toys and pets. Come to think of it, whatever happened to Mrs. Nebbercracker?

It's the day before Halloween and DJ and his candy-friendly pal Chowder (Sam Lerner) have a run-in with Mr. Nebbercracker after their basketball wanders onto his lawn and is mysteriously swept into the house. When the house tries to swallow their new friend Jenny (Spencer Locke) and no one believes the frightened trio's claims that the house is up to no good, it's up to them to investigate.

They turn for advice to the only person on the planet who might even remotely understand what's going on, the wise one they call Skull (Jon Herder), a 20-something slacker pizza chef and master of the arcade machine who once played a video game for four days straight on one single quarter, a gallon of chocolate milk and an adult diaper. "I have heard tell of man-made structures becoming possessed by a human soul," Skull tells them.

You mean the house is alive? Yikes!

Skull tells them the only way to stop the house from gulping down everything in sight is by striking at its heart, which the kids figure out must be the perpetually-fueled furnace in the basement. They come up with what seems to be a foolproof plan — a vacuum cleaner disguised as a human dummy filled with cold medicine. The kids offer up their bait to the house, figuring that once it's asleep, they can sneak in and put out the furnace with their squirt guns.

Their little plan goes awry, though, and when the house starts chasing them down the street — that's right, chasing them down the street! — they must join forces to once again make the neighborhood safe for trick or treaters.

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