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At Theaters: 9/6/2013 On Video:
Rated: R Length: 1 hr. 51 min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 600175
Studio: Weinstein Co.
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Storyline Heading
Spring, 1958: 21-year-old Rose Pamphyle lives with her grouchy widower father who runs the village store. Engaged to the son of the local mechanic, she seems destined for the quiet, drudgery-filled life of a housewife. But that's not the life Rose longs for. When she travels to Lisieux in Normandy, where charismatic insurance agency boss Louis Echard is advertising for a secretary, the ensuing interview is a disaster. But Rose reveals a special gift -- she can type at extraordinary speed. Unwittingly, the young woman awakens the dormant sports fan in Louis. If she wants the job she'll have to compete in a speed typing competition. Whatever sacrifices Rose must make to reach the top, Louis declares himself her trainer. He'll turn her into the fastest girl not only in the country, but in the world! But a love of sport doesn't always mix well with love itself...
Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Comedy - This is a light French-language comedy that receives its R rating due to some nudity and sexual content that thus makes the film inappropriate for kids. Otherwise, this is light rom-com fare. The film's most recognizable star, Berenice Bejo of The Artist, only has a small supporting role.
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Cast and Crew Heading
Romain Duris LE DIVORCE
Deborah Francois UNMADE BEDS
Berenice Bejo THE ARTIST
Wri/Dir: Regis Roinsard Feature Film Debut
Production Notes Heading
A Conversation with Director Regis Roinsard
A Conversation with Actor Romain Duris
A Conversation with Actress Deborah Francois
A Conversation with Actress Berenice Bejo
A Conversation with Producer Alain Attal
A Conversation with DP Guillaume Schiffman
Content Heading
PROFANITY: 1 S-word; 1 other.
SEX/NUDITY: Some sex with related nudity.
VIOLENCE: Some hits.
DRUGS/ALCOHOL: Frequent alcohol and tobacco.
COMEDY: Comic banter and wisecracks.

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Critic's Review Heading

USA Today Full Review
Good This amiable period film has appealing performances and a delightful premise.

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A young, small-town office worker is catapulted to instant fame when her talent at the keyboard makes her a contender for the title "Fastest Typist in the World" in POPULAIRE, a delightful French homage to the playful romantic comedies of the 1950s.

Shy and awkward Rose Pamphyle (Deborah Francois) dreams of being a secretary, but in Normandy in 1958, life beyond the confines of wife and mother seems impossible. Determined to succeed on her own terms, Rose leaves her quaint village for the nearby town of Lisieux, where her nimble two-fingered typing prompts local insurance agent Louis echard (Romain Duris) to hire her as his assistant.

Disorganized, clumsy and absent-minded, Rose proves to be a disaster as secretary, but a savant as a typist, even just pecking away with two fingers. The fiercely competitive Louis insists that she enter in a speed-typing contest if she wants to keep her job. Installing himself as her coach, he relentlessly drives her toward becoming the fastest typist in France -- perhaps even the world!

But as the timid small town girl becomes a world-class contender under Louis' tutelage, Rose realizes what she really wants and goes for it with the same verve and energy she brings to the keyboard. An effervescent comedy about a little-known, real-life sport, POPULAIRE evokes a period that became a turning point in the working lives of women around the world with the sly humor, vibrant color and spirited music of the era.

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