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At Theaters: 9/26/2014 On Video: 1/20/2015
Rated: PG Length: 1 hr. 37 min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 600289
Studio: Focus Features
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Storyline Heading
Cheesebridge is a posh Victorian-era town obsessed with wealth, class, and the stinkiest of fine cheeses. Beneath its charming cobblestone streets dwell the Boxtrolls, foul monsters who crawl out of the sewers at night and steal what the townspeople hold most dear: their children and their cheeses. At least, that's the legend residents have always believed. In truth, the Boxtrolls are an underground cavern-dwelling community of quirky and lovable oddballs who wear recycled cardboard boxes the way turtles wear their shells. The Boxtrolls have raised an orphaned human boy, Eggs, since infancy as one of their dumpster-diving and mechanical junk-collecting own. When the Boxtrolls are targeted by villainous pest exterminator Archibald Snatcher, who is bent on eradicating them as his ticket to Cheesebridge society, the kindhearted band of tinkerers must turn to their adopted charge and adventurous rich girl Winnie to bridge two worlds amidst the winds of change -- and cheese.
Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Animated Adventure - This stop-motion animated adventure/fantasy/comedy isn't as dark as the previous two films from the LAIKA studio, but it still has some images and situations that may be intense for very young kids. But most families will find it to be safe viewings for those 8 and up.
Cast and Crew Heading
Isaac Hempstead-Wright CLOSED CIRCUIT, TV series GAME OF THRONES
Director: Anthony Staachi OPEN SEASON
Director: Graham Annable Feature Directing Debut
Production Notes Heading
How Stop-Motion Got Started
Going Outside the Box
Voice Box(es)
Boxtrolls Rolls
The Boxtrolls Costumes
Wrapping Up
Content Heading
SEX/NUDITY: Brief bare buttocks of creatures in a non-sexual context.
VIOLENCE: Hits and falls, often played for laughs.
ACTION: Chases, explosions, destruction.
COMEDY: Banter, wisecracks, silly slapstick and sight gags.

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Critic's Review Heading

Roger Ebert Full Review
Very Good "The Boxtrolls" is a beautiful example of the potential in LAIKA's stop-motion approach, and the images onscreen are tactile and layered. But, as always, it's the story that really matters, and the story told here is funny, ugly, poignant and true.

USA Today Full Review
Good Once you get past Kiddie Fare 101, though, the latest stop-motion effort from the acclaimed studio Laika is a delectable treat that balances themes of identity and class warfare with Monty Python-style political skewering, quirky humor and dairy jokes.

Entertainment Weekly Full Review
Above Average The script lacks the wit of Wallace & Gromit — even the trolls groan at a giant cheese named the Briehemoth — and never sinks its teeth into the twisted fantasy of its premise. But voicing the putrid villain Archibald Snatcher (who's modeled as either a tribute or an insult to actor Timothy Spall), Ben Kingsley gives the funniest performance of his career.

NY Post Full Review
Average A lot of kids will be put off by both the creepy faces of many of the characters and the creeping pace of the plot, which hums along like a British drizzle until the final act. A couple of mild secrets are revealed to no great effect...

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Based on an Exit Polling of 28 Moviegoers

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The following is the original "What's Worth Watching" write-up for this movie.

Moviegoer Opinions:

Based on a theater exit polling of 28 moviegoers:
Unfortunately, we weren't able to collect very many reviews but it's clear that the kids felt "The Boxtrolls" was a great movie! The adult reviews are mediocre, but there really aren't enough of them to be very accurate.

The Boxtrolls, a community of quirky, mischievous, fantastical creatures who have lovingly raised a human boy, Eggs (voiced by Isaac Hempstead Wright), since infancy in the amazing cavernous home they've built beneath the cobblestoned streets of Cheesebridge. They live a happy and harmonious existence away from society; the posh Victorian-era town's residents are obsessed with wealth, class, and fine - but stinky - cheeses. Lord Portley-Rind (Jared Harris), the de facto mayor, rules the roost with his snobbish elite crony men in White Hats. Like everyone else, he believes the scary stories about the Boxtrolls that have been spread far and wide for over a decade by the villainous Archibald Snatcher (Ben Kingsley). Determined to be accepted into the White Hats, Snatcher has imprisoned genius inventor and Boxtrolls friend Herbert Trubshaw (Simon Pegg) and is leading a gang known as the Red Hats to capture all the Boxtrolls. The Red Hats include the relentless Mr. Gristle (Tracy Morgan), the awkward Mr. Pickles (Richard Ayoade), and the stolid Mr. Trout (Nick Frost).

While keeping their community together underground, the humans' trash becomes the Boxtrolls' treasure. The Boxtrolls wear recycled cardboard boxes the way turtles wear their shells. The kindhearted band of tinkerers also dumpster-dive and collect mechanical junk which they transform into magical inventions. But with his Boxtrolls family increasingly at risk because of Cheesebridge citizens misunderstanding them and because of Snatcher's dangerous scheme, Eggs must venture above ground, "into the light," where he meets and teams up with another 11-year-old, the fabulously feisty Winnie (Elle Fanning) - Lord Portley-Rind's daughter. Together, Eggs and Winnie devise a daring plan to save the Boxtrolls from Snatcher, embarking on an adventure with madcap antics and open hearts which proves that heroes come in all shapes and sizes - even rectangles.

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