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At Theaters: 8/29/2014 On Video: 12/2/2014
Rated: R Length: 1 hr. 33 min.
Internet: Web Site Movie ID: 600395
Studio: Universal Pictures Inc.
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Storyline Heading
Miles of twisting catacombs lie beneath the streets of Paris, the eternal home to countless souls. When a team of explorers ventures into the uncharted maze of bones, they uncover the dark secret that lies within this city of the dead.
Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Thriller - This a low budget, no-star horror thriller told in the found footage style, thus meaning there is a lot of shaky camera work, so those who get queasy may want to steer clear. While there isn't any heavy gore, there is some bloodshed and intense scenes of violence, which along with the language make the film not for kis.
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Cast and Crew Heading
Perdita Weeks TV's - THE TUDORS
Ben Feldman TV's - MAD MEN
Edwin Hodge THE PURGE
Director: John Dowdle DEVIL, QUARANTINE
Prod/Wri: Drew Dowdle DEVIL, QUARANTINE
Production Notes Heading
About The Production
Content Heading
PROFANITY: Over 30 F-words; 28 S-words; 1 GD; a few others.
VIOLENCE: Bloody wounds, bites; hard falls.
DRUGS/ALCOHOL: Some alcohol.
ACTION: Chases, explosions, fires, destruction.
COMEDY: Some comic lines.

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Critic's Review Heading

USA Today Full Review
Poor 'As Above' is so below the average horror film...As forewarned, so avoid. If the nausea-inducing shaky camera work in As Above/So Below does not make audiences bolt for the nearest exit, the inane plot will.

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Scarlett Marlowe (PERDITA WEEKS), a rebellious adventurer and brilliant archaeologist, has devoted her entire life to pursuing history's greatest hidden treasure: Flamel's Philosopher's Stone. According to legend, this elusive artifact can turn metal into pure gold and grant eternal life-a power beyond imagination.

Tormented by the unsettling suicide of her father and rumors of his insanity, Scarlett is driven to the point of obsession: She will never be complete until she finishes his work and restores his legacy.

A series of cryptic puzzles leads her to discover that the all-powerful stone lies beneath the streets of Paris, hidden within the world's largest crypt: the Catacombs.

To document her historic mission, Scarlett recruits her old flame and partner in crime, George (BEN FELDMAN)-a brilliant archaeologist in his own right who is dedicated to restoring historical monuments to their former glory-as well as amateur filmmaker Benji (EDWIN HODGE)-a claustrophobic cameraman unaware of how deep this journey will take him.

Knowing the dangers that lie beneath, the trio scours the City of Light and recruits a team of underground experts known as Cataphiles to guide the way.

With the rest of Scarlett's crew-Papillon (FRANÇOIS CIVIL), the leader of the pack; Souxie (newcomer MARION LAMBERT), the punk-rock protector of the group; and Zed (ALI MARHYAR), the strong and silent one-assembled, they begin their descent. Although each of them carries a secret, in the Catacombs, no one can outrun their past.

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