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About The Production
The Farrellys chose their native Rhode Island to film the first two weeks of ME, MYSELF & IRENE. The Ocean State also provided locations for "Dumb and Dumber" and "There's Something About Mary."

This time around, the brothers stayed outside Providence, opting instead for several hamlets surrounding the majestic seaside resort of Newport, including neighboring Jamestown and Grand Island. There, local residents braced for the arrival of a storm of activity when the crew of 120, with Jim Carrey in tow, blew into the area for a week of filming on the private island.

Carrey captivated the locals with his new look for the film: a flat-top buzz-cut hairdo and a state trooper's uniform. Costume designer Pamela Withers couldn't simply buy the trooper's clothes off-the-rack at some local uniform store. She had to manufacture the wardrobe specifically for the film, adhering to the strict accord of the Rhode Island State Troopers.

Following two weeks of filming in Rhode Island, the company moved north to the idyllic, emerald landscape surrounding Burlington, Vermont, where a number of small villages in the state's Champlain Valley (all dating back to the Revolutionary War era) doubled for locations in New York State.

"We wanted a fresh look," brother Bobby interjects. "We tried to find a place that didn't look like it was in a beer commercial last week. A lot of places have already been shot for different movies, and we knew Vermont was a beautiful state. It has rivers, lakes and green mountains. It was just gorgeous.


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