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Director Stuart Baird, who marked his debut behind the camera on Warner Bros.' action hit, "Executive Decision," shot "U.S. Marshals" in several locales in and around Chicago, the city where "The Fugitive" filmed in 1993, as well as in the swamps of Tennessee and in New York City.

"What made this film much more difficult than 'The Fugitive' was the enormous number of locations," notes production designer Maher Ahmad, who had served as an art director on the 1993 Oscar­winner. "There were so many locations to scout, so many places to prepare, many for just one­day schedules, which made for an enormously complicated picture logistically."

Some of the sites chosen for the production included the famous Cook County Courthouse on the city's southwest side; the old U.S. Post Office, now shuttered, which became the interior of a Chicago police precinct house; the Bohemian National Cemetery on Chicago's northwest side, where one of the film's climactic chases ensues; the abandoned St. Ann's Hospital on the city's westside, where Sheridan is arrested at the film's outset; and 444 N. Michigan Avenue, where the marshals' headquarters was based.

Chicago's real U.S. Marshals' bureau is located on South Dearborn Street, but production designer Ahmad built the marshals' offices in the exact same building and floor (27th) used in "The Fugitive," which once again afforded the filmmakers breathtaking views of Lake Michigan on one side and Chicago's regal skyline on the other.

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