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The Bartenders

"This bar is like a party," he describes. "It's one of the best parties you've ever been to, with great music, dancing and fun people. If you're lonely, you'll make friends and there's always something interesting going on. It's also like a living room where everyone congregates and where everything happens – a lot of plot points are conveyed through the bar."

Bar owner Lil fosters the spark that is uniquely Coyote Ugly. "Coyote Ugly is an empowering place for women," says actress Maria Bello who portrays the tough talking real-life entrepreneur. "It's down and dirty, wild and fun, and women run it. They decide whom to serve and when to do it. If the moment strikes them, they dance on the bar. At Coyote Ugly, they're always in control."

Bello was in junior high when "Flashdance" first captivated the nation. "I'm here today largely because of that movie," she says. "I'm hoping that this story will move young people in the same way. Lil is a woman who is living her dream and inspires Violet and the other girls to go after theirs. She's a mentor and pushes all of them to the edge, to know exactly what they want out of life."

Lil's crew includes some of the hottest girls in New York. But beauty alone won't get you the job. It takes brains, stamina and a determined nature to earn a spot at Coyote Ugly. "It's all about personality," declares Bruckheimer. "The girls at this bar are very sure of themselves, or very good at faking it until they truly feel that confidence. There's also a kind of sisterhood that develops among the bartenders."

"When Violet is first finding her way at the bar, she tries to incorporate a little from each girl," says McNally. "Their roles had to compliment Violet – each role had to be identifiable and distinct. We also wanted to have a fresh new ensemble cast."

"Coyote Ugly" is the major motion picture debut for each of the beautiful young actresses who make up Lil's proteges (with the exception of Tyra Banks who performed in John Singleton's critically acclaimed "Higher Learning"). Like their characters, "Coyote Ugly" is the beginning of a dream come true for all of them.

Beautiful Bridget Moynahan plays Violet's nemesis, the headstrong, pugnacious Rachel. "Rachel is Lil's right hand man," says Moynahan. "Her dream is to run the bar sometime in the future and she doesn't like that Violet's just passing through. And when someone can't hold their own it affects everyone's tips and Rachel's livelihood. Violet's threatening to her on several levels."

Lil hires Violet to replace one of her best employees and top tip earners, Zoe. Played by Tyra Banks, Zoe leaves the bar after saving enough cash to put herself through law school.

"Their job is to entertain," says Banks of the bartenders. "It's a place that allows people to have fun and escape. The girls get up on the bar and dance and jam with the customers. For Zoe, Coyote Ugly is a place to make money for law school, while having fun and being with her friends."

Polish actress Izabella Miko plays the ever-flirtatious Cammie. "Coyote Ugly" was the first American script she read. "I think I came in on four auditions, which were all a lot of fun because we had to dance. Even though I love to dance, I think what we do in the bar is a bit exaggerated. But since it's such a crazy place, we're trying to shock people and give them a reason to go there, a reason to pick this bar over hundreds of others out there, an

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