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The Performers

Steve Harvey, D. L. Hughley, Cedric The Entertainer and Bernie Mac are the "Kings of Comedy." Each has an identifiable style that is dif ferent from the next, but which compliments the other. They have all had success with their individ ual acts on the comedy circuit but recognize that together they have set a new standard for all comedians.

"The appeal of the tour is that four distinct ly different cats come together, and to a large extent put egos aside, to do this great thing. I'm a pretty jaded guy, I have seen a lot and done a lot, but working with these guys is really a humbling experience for me," explains Hughley.

Harvey describes "The Kings of Comedy," "When I speak about us collectively, I use the anal ogy of the family reunion. We're all uncles that come over to the house. In every family you have us showing up. Uncle D.L. is the uncle that bitch es about everything. He has a problem with every thing. Uncle Bernie says stuff that you really ain't supposed to ever say out loud. You love him cause he's real. Everybody likes Uncle Ced. He can do no wrong. He has a happy act. He's more conge nial to people."

Of his own style, Harvey says, "I do obser vational humor about the news, life, race, politics.. .my best comedy comes from exasperation, when I'm totally fed up with something."

Hughley describes himself as a comedian without bells and whistles. His only aim is, "to be as funny, as fast and as often as I can. I try to make people laugh so hard so many times in a row that they crack a rib."

Mac likes the fact that people describe him as "funny, strong, hard but true. People respond to me because they identify with me. That's some thing that I'm proud of. We have gotten too politically correct about things, too sensitive. I'm not a politician. I'm a comedian."

At the other end of the scale is Cedric The Entertainer. He recognizes that his act is dependent on having the audience like him. "My style is down home. I like to give the sense of being some one that you already know."

Harvey, Cedric and Hughley have all enjoyed success on television; while Mac has been featured in films like "Life," "Booty Call," "Players Club," "Friday" and Spike Lee's "Get On The Bus." The tour is an opportunity to break free of their other personas.

For Harvey, playing the character, Steve Hightower on "The Steve Harvey Show" has been a double-edged sword. "Steve Harvey is not Steve Hightower. When the audience comes, they come to see Steve Hightower because that's all they know of me. I'm shocking when you see me live.

When you hear me cuss for the first time, it throws you. Now that I've been on television for a while and I'm a big enough personality in the stand-up world, I've started to go back to the type of stand-up that I used to do," explains Harvey.

For Hughley, the tour allows him room to express his creativity. "There's no one to say, 'you can't say that.' On 'The Hughleys,' the objective is to tell a story that includes the cast using the medi um of television. On stage my objective is to express myself comically with no holds barred."

Mac who "has never seen a mic I<

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