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About The Music

Steve Harvey's hilarious take on the virtues of old school versus hip hop music is a galvanizing crowd-pleaser. Invariably, the audience gets up to dance and sing along to the sounds of Marvin Gaye,

Earth, Wind and Fire, The Ohio Players and Lenny Williams.

Harvey started to use music in his routine by accident. As the host he does not have the lux ury of a sustained period of time to build a set. "I created these little things that hosts do to keep the energy in the room. It's a very real piece for me because it's the music that I listen to in my dressing room before I go on. I'm old school. Hip hop is cool, but it ain't my music.

"Every great or bad moment in my life has a song attached to it," says Hughley as a means of explaining the importance of music to each per former on the tour. His favorites are the Motown classics.

Cedric uses music to display his versatility as a dancer and singer. Music is used to great effect in a skit where he does the role of a 'brotha' travel ing to the moon in a 1970's car. Music has another function for him as well. Cedric explains, "Music crosses all demographics. I use it to draw everyone into what I'm doing on stage. It allows me to tran scend lines, age groups and time periods."

Though music is not a central part of Mac's act, he recognizes its power. "It gets the audience in the mood, so I use different types of music to get me on and off the stage." Depending on his mood and his material, Mac's musical accompaniment on any given night shifts from classical to jazz to gospel to classic R&B.

Universal Records and MTV Films have created a soundtrack to accompany the film's release. In addition to dialogue, it will feature music from the following performers: Big Tymers; Juvenile and Little Wayne featuring Big Tymers; Monifah featuring Chico DeBarge; Nelly featuring St. Lunatics and Cedric The Entertainer; and Sticky Fingaz. The first single is being made into a music video featuring the four comedians.


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