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Praises For Reed

Reed received high praise from his cast for not only being a terrific director with a great comic sense, but for creating a fun and funny on-set atmosphere.

"We are so lucky to have a strong cast, good producers behind us and a great director," says Dunst. "Peyton's so much fun, and he makes the set a safe and comfortable place to be."

"Peyton Reed is the best director I've worked with," agrees West, who plays Jan. "And I'm not just brown-nosing! One day, I had some big chunks of dialog to do, and we lost the sun and we were running behind. Most directors might have tensed up and started yelling, but Peyton came out and said, 'Well I'm going to have to do my sun dance.' And he started jerking around, doing this strange dance, and had everyone laughing — he's the best!"

Bilderback, who plays Whitney added, " Peyton has a wonderful vision for this film, and he has such great communication with us — he has helped make this film a truly fun experience."

"It took a long time to convince Peyton to direct a movie starring 12 or so beautiful young girls, but after those 3 minutes were up, he jumped in full bore," says Abraham. "Peyton Reed will be directing films for a long time to come. He's got the right stuff."

As for how the movie will be received by audiences, Bilderback has her take on that: "It's so funny, great dialog, a bit of a black comedy — and not just about cheerleading. It's really a movie for everybody, and I think people will have a great time with it!"

West adds, a bit tongue-in-cheek, "I think my character (Jan) really sells to the audience what cheerleading's all about. At the end of some films, audience members may be saying to themselves, 'hmmm. . looks cool to be an FBI Agent.' My goal is for people to walk out of Bring It On and say, 'Gosh, I kind of want to be a cheerleader, you know?"'

"I completely agree with West and the other actors," says Abraham. "I've recently joined the Laker Girls, and am very excited about some of our new routines."

The filmmakers would like to assure audiences that no cheerleaders were harmed (seriously) during the making of this movie.


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