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About The Training
To train for his role, James worked with a number of real MMA trainers who taught him each of the different disciplines he would need to show on screen. "Ryan Parsons, the film's fight consultant, organized all of my training," he explains. "We went with guys like Danny Perez, who's a professional boxer; Mel Menor, a Thai kickboxer; and Jason Lambert, who also played my double in the movie. They all worked with Garrett Warren, our stunt coordinator and second unit director, to block out all the fight scenes."

"We treated preparing for the movie as a fight camp," says Parsons. "Kevin sparred with world champions in boxing and kickboxing. I mean heavy sparring - he had real experience. He dove in and treated it as if he was going to have an actual fight."

Along the way, James says he picked up some of the little things that make a big difference. "Danny Perez taught me a lot of head movement," he says. "Mel Menor helped me with my movement. And Mark DellaGrotte got the part of my trainer in the movie after I worked mitts with him - I honestly felt that nobody could do a better job in the part and that I wanted him to hold the pads for me because I did it better with him than with anybody else."

Perhaps his proudest moment during training was when he knocked out trainer Mel Menor. "We were working out in a hotel banquet room - we were on the road and that was the only place we could do it," James says. "We were mixing it up and I went for a hip throw and I accidentally landed all my body weight on Mel. He's a little smaller than me, and he went out for a second. It was an accident, but I'll take the knockout."

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