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Live Like Jay
In addition to Frosty and Kim, many others who crossed paths with Jay participated in the film, including legendary surfboard shaper Bob Pearson, photographer Bob Barbour - and one thousand Santa Cruz locals who served as extras in a scene that reenacts Jay's legendary triumph at Mavericks. The Santa Cruz community was thrilled to celebrate and share the legacy of "Live Like Jay."

Hooper explains, "Ten years after Jay's passing, there's so much love still out there for him. These people did not turn out for the scene because this was a big Hollywood movie; they turned out for Jay." Gerard Butler adds, "I've never heard people talk about anybody so positively as they did about Jay Moriarty. He touched people's lives, had a kind word for everybody, and he affected an entire community. They all just wanted to be a part of that and were so proud that this story is being told."

Weston adds, "Everybody recognized Jay's purity and his selflessness. And whatever it was that made people love seeing Jay, whatever that energy he was putting out, people couldn't really describe it. Everybody just knew what it meant."

The filmmakers did not have to look far to find an impressive list of big wave surfers who wanted to participate in the making of CHASING MAVERICKS. In doing so, they paid tribute to an impressive legacy: When Jay had what was considered the biggest surfing wipeout to date and shortly thereafter rode the perfect wave, it changed the world of big wave surfing forever.

CHASING MAVERICKS rides into theaters everywhere October 26.


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