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...And Legendary Music Surround Them
The role that music plays in "Guardians" cannot be understated. The filmmakers knew they needed a score that was as sweeping and heroic as the story itself. When it came to finding the right composer to do the job, four-time Academy Award nominee Alexandre Desplat ("The King's Speech," "Fantastic Mr. Fox") was the only name the "Guardians" team had in mind.

"There is much more music in 'Guardians' than is found in the average live-action film," says Desplat, who conducted the London Symphony Orchestra in the recording of his original compositions. "It practically runs throughout the whole movie. The goal with the score, which is primarily a symphonic one - though I did bring in a few babies of mine, like saxophones and a fantastic cimbalom - was to emphasize every moment of joy, sadness and soul so that audiences would be able to dive with the characters into their worlds."

"We began meeting with Alexandre over two years ago, so by the time he began writing the music, he was as familiar with the story and characters as we were," says Steinberg. "I think that what we tried to do was emphasize every moment of joy and soul throughout the film, so that we are not be distant from the characters - we dive with them into their world so it is all very exciting, emotional, and real. With Alexandre, his music became a new character in our film. His score adds richness, tenderness and humor, all of which support the characters and emotion of the story."

Ramsey is also thrilled with the results.

"Alexandre worked furiously for months on the music," he says. "It's perfect. Magical and fun, it's the crown on our film. I predict there won't be a dry eye in the house when audiences hear it."

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