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A Young Girl's Question, Finally Answered
It has been 14 years since Bill Joyce's daughter first asked her innocent question: "Do they know each other?" The filmmakers, eagerly anticipating the film's imminent arrival in theaters, reflect on their labor of love.

Joyce, for one, is looking forward to audiences coming away from the cinematic experience with a renewed faith and sense of wonder. "I'm excited for them to see these characters that they've all known and grown up with in this new and heroic way," he says, "that, yes, they deserve our devotion and our belief, and that they're grander than we realized."

Ramsey predicts, "It's a world audiences will want to be a part of. There's adventure and drama but there's humor, too. Every character is really funny, and the way they poke fun at each other and argue with each other and work together on this incredibly important mission is inspiring."

Says Steinberg, "By the end of the movie I hope they'll feel the way we do, which is that the Guardians are everything you'd expect heroes to be - awe-inspiring, powerful and courageous - but at the same time are as delightful and approachable as old friends."

"What amazes me the most about seeing the final image on-screen is the fact that we actually made it happen," says Hanenberger. " I call it pixel magic. You're creating something out of nothing. The most rewarding satisfaction I get out of it is from seeing a tiny little sketch I had in my sketchbook become a beautiful finished image on the screen as the collaboration of all the people involved, because you can't make these movies without tons of very dedicated and extremely talented and smart people that collaborate and communicate to pull off this insanely creative undertaking."

Finally, Joyce contemplates nearly two decades of association with his Guardians.

"To get to hang out with these guys I believed in so powerfully as a child, and reconnect with them…I mean, now we're buddies, you know?" says Joyce. "So many kids dream of doing that when they're small, hanging out with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, getting to see how they do what they do. That's my job. That's what I get to do when I write my books and watch this movie - hang out with the guys I thought, as a kid, were the coolest guys in the world. How does it get any better than that?"


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