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About The Characters In Red Dawn
>Chris Hemsworth plays Jed Eckert, the unofficial leader of the Wolverines. Back in Spokane, on leave from the Marines, he and his younger brother, Matt, lead a group of young adults into the woods where they not only survive, but take the fight to the enemy. Josh Peck plays Matt Eckert, Jed's younger brother and the town's star quarterback. Initially a bit of a hothead who only thinks about himself, Matt constantly clashes with his brother. However, as the Wolverines get deeper and deeper into their insurgency, Matt begins to display real leadership qualities.

Adrianne Palicki plays Toni, who joins the Wolverines after Matt and Jed return to town to begin their surveillance of the North Koreans. Tough and no-nonsense, Toni soon becomes a valuable warrior to the group and eventually falls in love with Jed.

Josh Hutcherson plays Robert, the Wolverines' tech geek. He is responsible for getting the radio and communications devices up and running. He doesn't look the part, but he is quickly transformed into a skilled warrior.

Isabel Lucas plays Erica, the head cheerleader and Matt's girlfriend. After the invasion she is incarcerated in an internment camp. Her liberation becomes a point of dangerous obsession for Matt.

Connor Cruise plays Daryl, the son of Spokane's Mayor and Robert's best friend. A bit unsure of himself but at a time when things matter the most, he will rise to the occasion.

Edwin Hodge plays Danny, the coolest kid in school, a star receiver, and Matt's best friend. Danny helps the Wolverines survive the invasion and establish the resistance.

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