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The Music

Composer Benoit Jutras wrote the score and transitional music between the Cirque shows used in the film. Barton had previously teamed with Adamson on the SHREK and NARNIA films, but the director felt it important to have Jutras, who had written scores for some of the Cirque shows used, to adapt and refine some of that music specifically for CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: WORLDS AWAY.

"The music was really the dialogue of this film," says Jutras. "You see, Cirque du Soleil developed it as a language for its shows, to tell a story with the music and without words. It becomes the universal language." It was an element that Cameron and Adamson wanted to retain for the film.

"When it came to inspiration for this film's score," Jutras continues, "it was about the passage through life and a young woman who falls in love, about how love makes you go through all of these emotions, the colors of love, so to speak. What I wanted to do with the opening act was to make it a very separate experience, to make it as little like Cirque as possible to show the contrast of the old circus and the worlds of Cirque du Soleil. In the final act, since it was part of KA, Stephen Barton used that show to inspire the music (of the final act)."

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