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Through the Looking Glass

The drive to expand and constantly transform from the circus norm is what separates Cirque du Soleil from the pack. Always positioning itself as "nouveau cirque," it remains theatrical, character-driven entertainment sans animals. From its humble roots on the streets in the early 1980s to an arty version of the big top to the showbiz behemoth it is today with 20 shows around the world, certain elements of the Cirque du Soleil experience will forever remain.

You will always need your 'wow,' your tender moments, your humor," says Cirque du Soleil owner and co-founder Guy Laliberte, much like the narrative of any great screenplay. But he reminds that Cirque's conventions are all about hinting at the plot and teasing at the themes. It is there, he says, on the edge of imaginative interpretation that Cirque du Soleil invites audiences to suspend disbelief and step through the looking glass.


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