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Director's Statement
I started my career in the business with the Wayans Family as an assistant to their producing partner, Rick Alvarez, co-writer and producer of A HAUNTED HOUSE. I've had the great fortune to be mentored by both Rick and Marlon in the art of making comedies for nearly a decade. When Rick and Marlon told me they wanted to collaborate with me, to make A HAUNTED HOUSE my feature film directorial debut, I was honored and thrilled. It was an amazing moment in my career. I was about to make my first feature film with the guys who gave me my first job in the business.

I've been a fan of the found footage genre since the first time I saw MAN BITES DOG and the very popular THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT while attending film school at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. I loved the immersive quality of found footage movies. The cameraperson isn't trying to be invisible, but instead is a character within the story, often interacting and reacting to what's going on. Exploring this style through a comedy was an exciting idea and a new way to execute jokes. My goal for the film was to make an edgy, hilarious, smart comedy that stayed true to the cinema verite look and feel of its horror predecessors. To achieve this balance, every shot and scene was carefully crafted and choreographed around telling the jokes and visually conveying the films we were sending up.

The first time I read the script I immediately loved it. The comedy set pieces where hilarious, the story well written and the characters all had unique, laugh out loud comedic voices. I can remember quoting dialogue in my everyday life instantly. That's when you know it's really good. At its core, A HAUNTED HOUSE is a romantic comedy. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl because she gets possessed and boy wins girl back. It's a story about a couple taking their relationship to the next level by moving in together. It's an exciting time filled with expectations of happiness; it's also the moment where couples begin to slowly learn their partner's true identity, even their deepest and darkest secrets. For Malcolm, that deep dark secret would be a demon that sends him on a comedic rollercoaster filled with uproarious characters along the way.

A HAUNTED HOUSE isn't just a parody of found footage films; it's a standalone laugh out loud SCARY MOVIE that will have audiences laughing from start to finish.

- Michael Tiddes


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