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Supporting Cast
One of the greatest threats to Hansel & Gretel is Muriel, the shape-shifting villainess played former Bond Girl and X-MEN series star Famke Janssen. "Muriel rules over all the other crazy witches," explains Janssen, who transforms throughout the film from a ravishing, raven-haired beauty into a decaying, blood-curdling creature. "And she's literally after Gretel's heart."

Muriel might have a vendetta against the infamous witch hunters, but she is an equal opportunity tormentor. "It's not just Hansel and Gretel I'm horrible to. I'm horrible to all the other witches as well, even my sidekicks," Janssen muses.

While witches lurk in the shadows, one of more potent villains in Hansel & Gretel's world is perfectly human: Berringer, the power-hungry Sheriff of Augsburg, portrayed by Peter Stormare, known for his roster of screen villains. Says Stormare: "One of the ideas of the movie is that humans can be just as dangerous as ghosts and goblins and that idea blossoms with my character."

A friendlier face in town is Ben, a kind of fairy tale fan-boy obsessed with Hansel & Gretel as the rock stars of their realm, played by the young American actor Thomas Mann. Says Gemma Arterton of Mann: "Among all the crazy carnage, he brings more comedy."

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