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May 6, 1993

Authorities find the bodies of three eight-year-old boys -- Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers -- dead in a creek in Robin Hood Hills, West Memphis, Arkansas.

June 3, 1993

Police arrest teenagers Damien Echols, Charles Jason Baldwin and Jessie Lloyd Misskelley and are charged with three counts of capital murder.

June 1993

Misskelley tells the police that Echols and Baldwin killed the boys while he watched.

August 5, 1993

Each teenager pleads innocent in hearing.

January 1994

Misskelley's trial begins.

February 4, 1994

Jessie Misskelley is convicted of one count of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder.

February 22, 1994

Echols and Baldwin's trial begins.

March 18, 1994

Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin are found guilty on three counts of murder. Echols is sentenced to death and Baldwin to life in prison.

August 1996

Lorri Davis meets Damien Echols for the first time in person.

October 1996


December 1996

Reversals sought in case involving 1993 slayings of West Memphis boys

December 23, 1996

Convictions on Echols, Baldwin upheld.

December 1999

Lorri and Damien get married.

November 2002

A hearing is scheduled on whether more advanced DNA testing can be used in appeals court for Echols and Baldwin.


Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh begin speaking with Lorri Davis, offering to help in any way they can.

December 2005

Peter and Fran meet with Lorri in New York City. Lorri catches Peter and Fran up to speed on the case's latest developments.


A strategy is put in place to construct the foundation for a new challenge to the convictions. Peter and Fran officially begin working with the defense team, funding defense investigation anonymously.

May 2007

New key evidence and shocking revelations are uncovered that go beyond the pathologists' reports and the DNA findings to include juror misconduct and other irregularities.

November 2007

The defense holds a press conference to publicize the new DNA and forensic findings.

September 2008

The new evidence is presented to Judge David Burnett, who had presided over the original WM3 trial. Judge Burnett dismisses the new evidence saying it is not compelling.


The WM3 case is stagnant. Public and media interest seems to have disintegrated.


Lorri and Fran contact filmmaker Amy Berg with the thought of creating an investigative documentary to present new findings.


Amy travels to Arkansas to speak with Damien and Lorri. She works tirelessly for two years immersing herself in the case, interviewing sources, and documenting the defense's investigative efforts. No media or film crews are on the ground.

August 2010

Eddie Vedder and other high profile celebrities host a benefit concert for the WM3. At this point, national and international media return to cover the case. This same month, the Arkansas Supreme Court grants Dennis Reardon's petition for a new evidentiary hearing.

September 2010

Oral arguments are heard.

November 2010

The Arkansas Supreme Court unanimously overturns all points in Judge David Burnett's initial ruling.

August 2011

The State of Arkansas agrees to accept the Alford Plea whereby the defendants could simultaneously assert their innocent while pleading guilty in their own best interest. Damien, Jason, Jessie accept the pleas and are released from prison.

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