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"Veronica/CVS" as told by Griffin Dunne
Directed by: Griffin Dunne
Cast: Emma Stone, Kieran Culkin

As told by director Griffin Dunne:

My oldest and closest friend, producer Charles Wessler, had the brilliantly retro idea to make an anthology of short comedic movies exclusively for theatrical release. He understood that as our attention spans get shorter, the need for another classic like KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE only grows stronger. Also, having underestimated Charlie's taste in material by turning down the part of Harry in DUMB AND DUMBER (in fairness, so did Sinbad) I was willing to direct whatever filth he asked me to.

Fortunately, he and partners John Penotti and Pete Farrelly, sent along a charming little ditty called "Veronica" about star crossed lovers who must say farewell for the last time. My two deeply gifted actors, Keiran Culkin and Emma Stone, committed with their hearts and souls to play the young couple. During rehearsals we watched the ending of CASABLANCA so as to set the bar for the kind of emotions their scene required. Though Humphrey Bogart never actually accused Ms. Bergman of "blowing a hobo for magic beans", nor did Ms. Bergman ask Bogie if he still "liked fingers in his butthole", I think you will agree that the depth of feeling Emma and Kieran brought to their roles match those iconic actors note for note. Seriously, how did Emma make a single tear fall down her cheek take after take while saying such outrageous lines? If a party of deaf people had visited the set that night (and couldn't read lips) they would have thought we were making SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS. That's my favorite kind of comedy and they are my favorite kind of actors.

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