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"Middle School Date" as told by Elizabeth Banks
Middle School Date
Directed by: Elizabeth Banks
Cast: Chloe Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz Plasse, Patrick Warburton, Jimmy Bennett

As told by Director Elizabeth Banks:

I got a call from these three nitwits, Charlie, John and Peter who claimed to be producing a movie of short comedies. They asked if I would consider acting in one of the shorts. (I ended up in "Beezel"). They pitched me the list of male writers and directors involved at the time and I said, "Can I direct one? You don't have any women!" I know in my heart these guys believed in me and that it wasn't just shame that led them to agree. Although shame is very powerful. I asked a funny, young, whip smart female writer, Elizabeth Wright-Shapiro to pitch a few ideas with me. Initially, the guys responded to a different idea than "Middle School Date" - one that may have involved youngsters in their underwear and blind people - but again, my heart, which is very intelligent, knew "Middle School Date" was the one. Of course, "Middle School Date" is all about how men can never know what women are truly about and so, when the guys rejected it, they totally reinforced its relevance to me. Humbly, I felt MOVIE 43 needed a female heroine - a woman who wins - and I wanted that woman to be Chloe Grace Moretz. Who can argue with that?

Elizabeth Wright Shapiro, who came up with the story, deserves credit along with Chloe, Jimmy Bennett and the rest of my awesome cast. Funny note, Jimmy and Chloe played brother and sister in THE AMITYVILLE HORROR and had their first on-screen kisses as actors in

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