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"Beezel" as told by James Gunn & Elizabeth Banks
Directed by: James Gunn
Cast: Elizabeth Banks, Josh Duhamel

The best part of making of "Beezel" was the initial emails between director James Gunn and Elizabeth Banks. SPOILER ALERT from here on in...

From James to Elizabeth:

"You're dating a guy (Nathan) and falling in love with him. He introduces you to his pet cat that he's very attached to - only, this cat is a disgusting, goofy 2D animated cat. Like many couples, this cat gets in the way of your love life. At first it's smaller things, like wriggling between you as you're about to kiss, and having explosive diarrhea all over your stuff, and staring at you creepily over Nathan's shoulder as Nathan makes sweet love to you. But then, after you catch the cat whacking off to photos of Nathan in a swimsuit, it becomes more serious, and he tries to kill you..."

From Elizabeth to James:

"I kind of think it's amazing."

From James to Elizabeth:

"Phew. I thought you were going to say you've already done the sobbing, masturbating cat while shoving a hairbrush up his ass movie."

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