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"Victory's Glory" as told by Rusty Cundieff
Victory's Glory
Directed by: Rusty Cundieff
Cast: Terrence Howard
NBA Players: Larry Sanders, Jared Dudley, Corey Brewer

As told by Director Rusty Cundieff:

It was great having the opportunity to work on MOVIE 43. I have been a Farrelly Brothers fan for some time, so this was a really great experience for me on that level alone. But the real fun was working with writers Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko and creating the basketball moments for "Victory's Glory." And of course it was a blast to work with the segment's star, Terrence Howard, who told me he wanted to show he could be funny after doing so many dramatic roles. He really put his all into his performance. I don't think there is a comic alive that could have turned in a funnier and more on point performance.

It was a very quick two days of shooting, and it was very difficult trimming the piece down to a tight five minutes when there was so much funny stuff to choose from. I'm pretty sure the first cut was up above twelve minutes and I hope at some point a few of the gems we had to lose in the edit will find their way to some outtakes on special extended disc.  It was also a fun time working with the combination of actors and actual NBA players that composed the high school basketball teams in the sketch.  I'd bet the audience won't be able to tell which is which unless they're NBA fans and know the players.  The NBA guys could all have careers in Hollywood; they were that good.

And though I didn't work with them directly, it's very exciting to have participated in a film that is packed with so many stars, and other talented directors.   Lots of laughs.


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