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Gary Supernova (Rob Corddry) -- A Mission Control whiz kid at BASA, Gary has always been overshadowed by his younger brother Scorch. But without Gary's loyalty and genius- level intelligence, the pumped up daredevil would have been Gnarlach food long ago.

Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser) -- A hot-dogging astronaut celebrated for his outrageous and heroic exploits, Scorch is a global hero on the planet Baab, where his adventures are must-see television for his fans on the BNN network.

General Shanker (William Shatner) -- Shanker appears to be a loyal military man, but in reality he is a ruthless megalomaniac bent on destroying all intelligent life in the Universe.

Kira Supernova (Sarah Jessica Parker) -- Gary's loyal and loving wife, Kira spent 15 years as a test pilot for BASA before devoting herself fulltime to Gary and their adorable son Kipper. But make no mistake: "Just 'cause a chick has kids doesn't mean she can't still dish it out."

Kipper "Kip" Supernova (Jonathan Morgan Heit) -- Gary and Kira's plucky nine-year-old pride and joy, Kipper idolizes his intrepid Uncle Scorch, but learns that his dad's brain and his uncle's brawn are an unbeatable combination.

Gabby Babblebrock (Sofia Vergara) -- When the hot and spicy anchor for BNN News is not avidly pursuing a breaking story for the network, she finds time for canoodling with her best beau, Scorch.

Lena (Jessica Alba) -- Gary's boss Lena is beautiful, highly intelligent, hard-driving -- and extremely duplicitous. Her ambition is unbridled, but her fatal weakness for a guy in an Elvis wig could be the end of Baab.

Io (Jane Lynch) -- Held captive by Shanker and his henchman and forced into servitude, Io is a sun-dwelling Cyclops with anger management problems -- she is also a loyal ally when the chips are down.

Doc (Craig Robinson) -- An intergalactic radio talk-show therapist, Doc's adorable appearance belies a keen intelligence. Held in Area 51 by Shanker and forced to invent social networking, he is the voice of reason and unofficial counselor to the other prisoners.

Thurman (George Lopez) -- A three-eyed, four-armed slug-like alien who leaves a trail of goo where ever he goes, Thurman is Gary's cellmate in Area 51.

Hawk (Steve Zahn) and Hammer (Chris Parnell) -- These two slackers work behind the counter of the Area 51 7-Eleven and witness both Scorch's capture and Gary's arrival on Earth. Best. Days. Ever!!!

James Bing (Ricky Gervais) -- The officious BASA computer, James is always available to advise Mission Control, whether they want it or not.


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