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Making Glinda Shine
Baker and Toussieng also had the joy of applying the hair and makeup designs for Glinda, with Baker praising actress Williams as "a phenomenal collaborator and lovely to work with. In the two roles she plays -- Annie at the beginning of the film in Kansas and Glinda, the Good Witch, in Oz -- the one thing Michelle wanted was to look beautiful. That's not very hard to do.

"We gave her big beautiful eyes," Baker continues about transforming Williams into an elegant empress. "Her skin is like porcelain and her cheeks just have this great cherry glow to them. And, Michelle didn't even wear lipstick. It's just her natural lip color with a little bit of (balm) to keep them moist and avoid chapping in the Detroit weather. As Glinda, she had this sparkle to her, which was fun."

Playing off the theme drafted by designer Stromberg in Glinda's kingdom (the iridescent glow to her castle walls), Baker notes that "she's in a land of bubbles where things have a little shimmer and sparkle to them. We wanted to incorporate that in her makeup without it looking like a makeup trick. A kind of luminescence that comes from living the life that Glinda does. We were able to do that with a beautiful product from Chanel. An eye shadow that has a look that is unbelievable, which we were able to work into her makeup. And it photographs very well on the 3D Red Epic camera."

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