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About The Film

Signal Hill Pictures was co-founded by Bobby Downes, Kevin Downes, David White, Jon Gunn, and Geoff Ludlow in June of 1999. Their first meeting of what is today called Signal Hill Pictures LLC, took place in Bakersfield, California at Marie Calanders Restaurant. Why Bakersfield? It is the half way point between Visalia and Los Angeles. Bobby, Kevin and Geoff are from Visalia. In December of 1999, Travis Mann joined Signal Hill bringing his expertise in law and finance. It has been this team of producers vision to make a high quality movie with a redemptive message.

With the success of The Omega Code in the Fall of 1999, and a series of doors miraculously opening, Signal Hill approached Providence Entertainment with Mercy Streets. Over a year in the making, the story and script, written by Director Jon Gunn and John Mann, went through 6 revisions. In fact, Mercy Streets was put aside for a time because another story entitled, The Code, was thought more promising. But once Michael Harpster of Providence Entertainment read Mercy Streets, he loved it. So, back to the drawing board the team went. Providence distributed The Mega Code to theaters and is currently responsible for releasing the video and DVD to several markets.

To promote Mercy Streets, Signal Hill Pictures LLC chose Enigma Entertainment and Spy Promotions. The first week of March, Variety magazine published a blurb about Mercy Streets and Eric Roberts, followed by a write up in LA Times Weekly. There have been bi-weekly meetings with Providence Entertainment along the way to discuss the plan for distributing Mercy Streets to worldwide.

Scouting locations began in January, 2000. Mercy Streets was filmed in Visalia and Fresno, California. Fifteen different locations were selected for the 28 day shoot. Signal Hill Pictures LLC received overwhelming support from the mayors of Visalia and Fresno and their communities.

Additional support for the filmmaking came from local Christian businessmen through various uses of locations, and gifts in kind. With Kevin, Bobby and Geoff being area locals, there was something special about filming in their home town. When Kevin and David produced their first feature, The Moment After, in Visalia, they knew the area would support a larger scaled project.

What began as a low budget, straight-to-video, film project has exploded into a domestic theatrical release, worldwide distribution, nominated Academy Award actors, a movie soundtrack distribution deal and a 5 picture deal for more films to be made! The guys of Signal Hill see all of this coupled with the advent of a new genre of movies made from a Christian world view, as God at work in an industry that so powerfully influences North American culture.


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