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Consistent with their desire to create something new and fresh with Charlie's Angels, the filmmakers decided to introduce a 'fourth angel' to the film. Well, sort of.

"Bosley is the fourth Angel," declares Barrymore of Charlie's lieutenant-in-command and only link to the Angels.

Adds McG: "You have this yin and yang—Bosley and the Angels. They're equally complementary to each other. He offsets the feminine quality of the movie with a distinct masculine and comedic presence. This is a light, fun movie. It's not just fireballs, explosions and karate chops. It's also laughter and some good, heartfelt comedy."

"I thought it would be fun to play an American icon," says Bill Murray of his character. "Not exactly Roosevelt or Lincoln, but Bosley."

Tongue firmly planted in cheek, Murray says he was intrigued by "the idea that I could play someone as important in American culture as Bosley—because I didn't get the call to do Superman or Jefferson in Paris—and go deeper, deeper, deeper and find out what makes him tick.

"He is a guy with a little bit of wisdom to impart to the Angels," continues Murray. "He's been at the agency for a while. Like an assistant principal that sticks around after the principal leaves," the actor/comedian explains, "Bosley knows where the mop is. He has the keys to everything."

"He brings such a great quality to the part," Goldberg says of Murray. "He brings individuality to it and interprets it as only Bill Murray can."

With a wink and a nod to the Angels' obvious allure, Murray concluded that the most practical approach to fleshing out Bosley's character was to play him as someone who experienced a private, unrequited love for the Angels while faithfully serving them and keeping them happy, healthy and gorgeous. In other words, Murray says, keeping them "totally relaxed. No creases or wrinkle lines in these beauties."

Even Murray had to admire the blood sweat and tears his co-stars invested their roles. "They worked very hard on the kung fu," he says, "and they had fun doing it.

"This movie could be really big and really successful because it is a lot of fun," he adds. "It is about girls having fun. They're just having a blast. If everything I brought to it, the writer brought to it, the director brought to it, serves that, then it's going to be fun. It's going to work."

"One of the millions of pluses about getting Bill Murray for the movie," says Nancy Juvonen, "is that the second you hear or see that he's in it, you want to see it."

"We always wanted Bill Murray to play Bosley," McG proclaims. "But he's a tough guy to reach. He was kind of elusive-like Charlie. But we were so intent on him playing Bosley that I jokingly said we should hire a private investigator to find him."

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