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It has been called "The Pit," "The Place of Torment," "The Everlasting Fire" and "The Infernal Regions" but to Little Nicky, the latest comic creation of Adam Sandler, Hell is simply the family living room.

Starring as the Devil's underachieving youngest son, upon whose slumping shoulders rests the very fate of Hades, Sandler gets a head-spinning, fire-spewing chance to come to earth and, at the same time, save the world.

In a series of blockbuster box-office hits, Adam Sandler has been an adoptive father, a football team waterboy, a wedding singer, and a would-be hockey player turned pro- golfer but nothing could have prepared him for the role of Satan's head-banging, slacker spawn. Like the sons of the Godfather franchise, Little Nicky is expected to enter the family business — a daunting prospect for a guy as nice as Nicky. In fact, Nicky's so un-cool, Hell is about the only place for him

"Little Nicky is kind of afraid of evil, he doesn't really enjoy torturing people." Sandler said. "He'd rather let his father take care of that stuff instead, that way he can just crank music in his room and be left alone." Brill adds "Nicky likes to stay in his room because every time he's ventured outside, his brothers have ruthlessly tortured him." Sandler recalls that "a few thousand years ago, Nicky's brother Cassius cracked him in the face with a shovel just for grins and giggles and poor Nicky never walked or talked normal again."

Sandler welcomed the chance to re-envision the cosmoiogical order of Heaven and Hell, and give it a new and unique spin. According to Brill, 'The concept of hell is that it's basically a jail for bad people and the devil acts as the prison warden. He's there to punish the sinners and to maintain the balance of good and evil."

Brill also notes, "A lot of the fun of the movie, is watching as Little Nicky begins to experience the weirdness and wonder of human life."

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