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What's that? You want to know everything there is to know about dragons? I am Vildan, my friend, and I have studied these magnificent beings for longer than you have likely been alive. Had I even another hundred years I could never learn all there is to know about them. But since you appear to be pressed for time I shall endeavor to give you a summary of the fundamentals. 

Our world is one of terrifying creatures and unsurpassed beauty. Things live within our realm that defy the mind's ability to comprehend. Without a doubt, the most dangerous and yet fascinating creatures in our world are the dragons. Dragons sit comfortably at the top of the bestial hierarchy, with no natural rivals for their position. As if flight and the ability to breathe death upon their enemies were not enough, their intelligence is far superior to the average human. Left to their own devices they are cunning and treacherous opponents. 

Our nation was founded on dragons and their power. For us, dragons symbolize all that is mighty and powerful, graceful and majestic. Dragons can be formidable spellcasters in their own right and our legends tell us dragons are tied to the natural weave of magic in ways that we do not yet understand. 

If a dragon has a weakness at all, it is the strong belief of it's own superiority. A dragon simply can't fathom an opponent that would be a serious threat. Dragons are such superior predators that they could easily unbalance the forces of nature. They do, however, need tremendous amounts of sleep to function normally and are known to rest for literally hundreds of years after a particularly filling meal. 

There are many known species of dragons in our realm and likely far more beyond it. The two most powerful species-the Red and the Gold-are also those that have played the largest role in the history of Izmer. 

Red Dragons (Dracos infernos horoblis) 

Red dragons are one of the largest of species and range in size from 90 to 95 feet long. They are second only to the noble gold dragons in sheer size, although slightly inferior to them in intelligence. What they lack in intellect they more than make up for with simple brute force and one of the thickest, most well-armored hides of all dragonkind. Reds are the most covetous and evil of all known dragon species and are renowned for being cruel, quick-tempered and impulsive. Red dragons are infamous for their ability to consume an entire countryside in a hellish inferno. They breathe flames at will and are exceedingly fond of eating their food rather over-cooked. 

Gold Dragons (Dracos aureus Regis) 

The largest and noblest of all dragonkind are the gold dragons. Averaging more than 100 feet in length, they are the antithesis of the red. Though they are not "tame" by any stretch of the imagination, they actively seek out evil and have been known to protect helpless peasants from the roving bands of goblinkind that plague the less-settled lands. They are extremely intelligent and, though they breathe fire as well as any red dragon, their intellect is their greatest weapon. Gold dragons are benevolent towards the empire and in truth are bound to the royal family though the powerful dweomer of the Royal Scepter.


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