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Family Tree
Every family has a genealogy, as does every motion picture project. THE CROODS traces its "family tree" to the year 2005 and to an original screen story DeMicco penned with legendary actor, writer and Monty Python icon John Cleese. The two share story credit with Sanders, who joined the project a few years later. Over the years, THE CROODS transitioned from a buddy comedy, featuring the characters of Grug and Guy, to a family-themed tale with a host of major characters.

"The project was initially conceived as a comedy about a set-in-his ways caveman who must team up with a younger, more evolved caveman who has all these new ideas that terrify the older guy," explains Belson. "It was Kirk who had the inspiration to make the story about a family, and we began to add the personalities that we all recognize: the mother-in-law, the over-protective dad, and the rebellious teenage daughter. And the project really took off and coalesced in a new way."

THE CROODS's home has been at DreamWorks Animation, which has nurtured the project from its inception to its delivery to theaters around the world. DreamWorks's first family" provides an unforgettable a journey for audiences, says Nicolas Cage. "Moviegoers are going to take a trip with the Croods and get their minds blown at how beautiful and imaginative it is. Most of all, they're going to care about this family and its adventure, because there is genuine emotion and feelings with all the laughs."


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