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About The Location

For the first few months, production on "The Wedding Planner" was based in Los Angeles. The production then moved on to three weeks of filming in San Francisco for scenes that could be shot nowhere else but in the real jewel of the California Gold Coast.

It was Shankman's idea to change the original location in the script from New York to San Francisco. "It's always struck me as a romantic, beautiful city, and I wanted to make this film a kind of Valentine to it. Also, with its upper crust attitude, it would be a perfect location for a savvy wedding planner to exploit all the new-moneyed, techno-millionaires who want to be accepted into old-money society. This is what Fran Donolly and her parents exemplify."

Shankman and cinematographer Julio Macat shot this love letter to the city at such locations as lush Golden Gate Park, where the Donolly wedding takes place; the magnificent Filoli House and Gardens just outside the city, which doubled for an upscale Napa Inn; the opulent, newly renovated City Hall; Victorian Park on San Francisco Bay; Grace Cathedral and the distinctive Nob Hill neighborhood.

"My big edict to the locations scout was that I didn't want to see any cable car wires or power lines. Also, I didn't want to emphasize the city's hills. I wanted to take the clichés away from the city and make it look more European," says Shankman. "That way, the romance of the city would shine through.

"My goal for the look of the movie was to infuse it with the old-fashioned glamour of some of my favorite films, like 'His Girl Friday,' 'Bringing Up Baby' and 'Roman Holiday,'" continues Shankman. "These films were populated with truly beautiful people who bantered with smart dialogue, who wore beautiful clothes and lived in beautiful settings. For audiences, it was pure entertainment. It lifted you out of your seat a little bit, out of your life a little bit. It became another world."

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